Genetics of the Soul: Pluto in the Houses of Birth Chart (Pt. 2)

Pluto in Houses of Birth Chart: An angel holding the globe is sitting at a desk, with skulls, clocks and candles on it.
Pluto in 5th/11th House Axis: “Allegory of Vanity” by Antonio de Pereda (1632 – 1636)

[This is a continuation of a previous post]. In the following post, I will continue discussing the Psychological and Evolutionary meaning of Pluto in the Houses of the birth chart:

Pluto in Houses of Birth Chart: Part 2

Pluto in 4th House / 10th House Axis:

“I build for myself” vs. “I build for others” (Society)

Pluto in 4th House:

the soul is overtly accustomed to “security”. There is a typical reliance on one’s past, one’s ancestral heritage, one’s “home”, and one’s creature comforts. Alternatively, the soul might have been reincarnated to re-address some karmic issues with a parental figure. There is a decidedly strong inclination in the individual to get to the bottom of things. The soul may have had lifetimes of struggle with the country, culture, or subculture of origin, and may have felt eternally “rootless”.

Alternatively, there may have been intense bonds with one’s homeland or a parental figure that have been formed at the cost of one’s individual impulses (relative to 4th House being naturally square to the 1st House). As indicated by the polarity point of 10th House, the evolution of the soul lies in “coming out” of the closet and allowing the globe to be one’s home. The soul requires a motion from “private” to “public” in this case, which can be achieved by getting out of the shell of what is too familiar, and seeking what is offered by the outside world at large. “To be seen” rather than “to be invisible” is the spiritual mission here, and hopefully the soul will get there by legitimate means (as “infamy” can also be a way of being “seen”).

Pluto in 10th House:

Contrary to the previous placement, the soul here is too comfortable with “being seen” and has an urge to go “public”. Lifetimes of being in a position of power may be indicated, and the soul has an inclination to “change the world” one way or the other. Alternatively, the soul may have felt crushed by the absolute authority of a parental, social, or political figure in a past life, and now abhors anything connected to the traditional authority which operates outside of oneself.

Relative to the polarity point of the 4th House, the soul can evolve through recognition and solidification of one’s own authority, to focus inside, rather than outside. In other words, the soul has to learn to write down her own constitution and see herself under the jurisdiction of her own Law, rather than projecting power unto an external symbol of authority and then feeling persecuted by it. This placement (or generally Pluto’s association with the 10th House in any manner) can also show a potential of becoming a healer or shaman, as the soul seems to be comfortable with being in a position of spiritual authority.

Pluto in 5th House / 11th House Axis:

“I love myself” vs. “I love others” (Philanthropy)

Pluto in 5th House:

The soul has gained a rather childlike habit of pleasure-seeking and joy, so the threshold for bearing spiritual pain can be relatively low. This placement may indicate lifetimes of being adored or being rejected by one’s hypothetical audience. There is a deep-seated desire to be paid attention to for what one is. Lifetimes of being recognized for something (for better or worse) may be indicated, as well as a possibility to have gone through some painful experiences (if Pluto is challenged) with regards to creative endeavors or children. There may be shame and fear around one’s intellectual or creative capacity. One may feel an urge to become “somebody”, as Marlon Brando playing the character Terry says in On the Waterfront: “I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am.”

The soul might have dealt with issues of pride and vanity, as well as coming to terms with the painful fact that one is just mediocre, despite all the desire for excellence, as the character Antonio Salieri in Amadeus expresses himself: “All I wanted was to sing to God. He gave me that longing… and then made me mute. Why?”

The polarity point of the 11th House indicates that the soul’s evolution can be achieved through shifting focus from one’s personal joy of being special or adored for God-given talents, to the practical use of those talents, even if mediocre, at the service of the collective. In the quoted example, the character Salieri could use his musical talent to organize charity events to help the poor, or to train poor kids who wanted to “sing to God” yet did not have the financial means to hire a tutor. Instead of endless rivalry with Mozart, he could be “somebody” recognized for what he had to offer to society, no matter how “mediocre”.

Pluto in 11th House:

Contrary to the previous placement, here the soul has acquired a habit of getting involved in the collective needs, rather than attending to her own personal joy. The soul may be deeply entrenched in societal and political issues, seeing herself as “just a cog in the machine” to the point of having lost perspective of her own “uniqueness”. An urge to join a cause or lead a group may overshadow personal ambitions, such as falling in love or having kids. The soul might have experienced lifetimes of communal living, and thus may not feel comfortable when things get too “personal”.

The evolution of the soul lies in developing the qualities symbolized by the polarity point of 5th House: one needs to become conscious of one’s own uniqueness, of the “divine” nature of one’s soul, and the fact that the soul is a co-creator with God, rather than just a “tool” in the hands of God. On a mundane level, a shift of focus from others’ children (literal or metaphoric) to one’s own children can facilitate the evolution of the soul in this lifetime.

Pluto in 6th House / 12th House Axis:

“I take care of myself” vs. “I take care of others” (Charity)

Pluto in 6th House:

The soul has developed a habit of feeling “inferior” or being in “unequal” positions. The default of the soul seems to be “I am not good enough” and an urge for achieving perfection is present. The soul seems to dwell in a sacrificial mode, having impulses to serve the other without being properly compensated. “To serve” can also gain an erotic dimension if Pluto contacts Mars or is somehow associated with Mars in the chart.

If Pluto is challenged, the individual may unconsciously sabotage his or her own promotion to a higher position, simply because the soul is too comfortable to stay subservient. An exaggerated emphasis on politeness (which is another form of subservience) may be present in the individual, and forming equal partnerships on any level seems to be difficult.

Alternatively, the individual may go to an extreme to prove that he or she is not unequal (as this is a sore point in the soul), and therefore he or she may truly excel in a particular field. If Pluto is in good condition, the soul may have a healthy desire to “fix” and “improve” oneself and help others improve as well. The evolutionary path consists of moving towards the polarity point of the 12th House, to understand that from a cosmic point of view, we are all equal in our inequality, that we are all servants and masters at once, and that perfection is a death of life, as life constantly yearns to manifest itself and become conscious of itself precisely because it is not perfect.

Pluto in 12th House:

Contrary to the previous placement, here the soul is accustomed to a God-like awareness of the totality of existence, and a tolerance for the imperfect nature of things: in imperfection lies the seed of salvation. The individual may feel strongly attracted to the idea of “complete surrender” either in a literal or spiritual sense. If Pluto contacts Mars from this position or is somehow associated with Mars, erotic asphyxiation may hold a special allure. The soul may perceive herself as an “outsider” to the collective, yet belonging to it, and perhaps even bringing exceptional blessings to the collective. Quite a number of visionaries in arts, literature, and music have had this placement in their chart. The evolution of the soul lies in an awareness of the polarity point of 6

The evolution of the soul lies in an awareness of the polarity point of the 6th House, which is the path of discipline and skill development. Rather than getting “high” on one’s spiritual power and basking in a God-like understanding of the nature of things, one needs to learn how to come “down” to earth to serve the other(s). Forgiveness of the imperfections of oneself will be easy for someone with this placement, so perhaps forgiveness of the imperfections of others will further help the soul to evolve.

In the next post, I will discuss the Psychological and Evolutionary significance of Neptune in the Birth Chart.

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  1. Dear Astro-Healer,

    Yes, I agree, it is the position of the “servant” because the servant is the “good girl.” I speak of a person who continuously went back to look after an insane, morphine addicted mother because of a family pattern of verbal abuse that denigrated her into believing she was irresponsible, lazy, stupid and a liar. As an archetype I believe this is connected to the story of Cinderella where the fairy godmother and prince find her and urge her to transform. When she stops being the “polite good girl ” she escapes the spell of the “evil stepmother/mother and evil sister/stepsister” and she finds the truth about herself, regains her health (6th house) and blossoms. This is only after transiting Pluto squares her Moon and effects her Pluto in the sixth.

    Love and blessings to you for writing such wonderful posts,

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful feedback! Yes, Cinderella would be the perfect example of the evolution of a 6th House Pluto… what you wrote is original and insightful. I’m happy to have you in the circle of my readers, Hilary 🙂

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