Get to the bottom of your birth chart here.

I have created this space based on the teachings of Psychological Astrology, insights from Evolutionary Astrology, and helpful guidelines borrowed from various spiritual practices.

How To Use Astro Healer:

Astrology is a way for becoming whole.

To benefit from the content of this blog, you need to be familiar with your “birth chart” or “natal chart.” If you don’t have a copy of your birth chart, follow these steps to get one:

1. Start here.

2. Click on the “Enter birth data” tab.

3. Enter your birth data, then click on “continue”.

4.  Click on the plus sign next to “Zodiac and houses”.

5. Choose “Porphyry” House System.

6. Click on the green tab “show the chart.”

7. By looking at your chart, you should be able to see what Signs and Houses your planets are in. Under the chart, you will see a table that lists Aspects between your planets as well. You can find information on how to decode all the symbols here.

Now you can begin your journey of self-exploration by browsing through the astrological articles published on my blog page. Use the “Search” feature on the top right corner of that page, or browse the “Categories” under “Recent Posts” to find articles related to your birth chart. These astrological nuggets should help you have an overview of the basic energies symbolized in your chart.  I add new articles any time I can, so make sure to stay tuned not to miss anything:

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How to Get More Out Of Astrology:

If you are serious about astrology, you can enroll in my online customized classes. Believe me, nothing feels better than going to a class about yourself. Just imagine all the fun and insight involved in the process of learning astrology by learning about yourself. You can’t beat that!

If you feel that you just need a general understanding of your natal chart, however, or if you are simply seeking solutions to particular problems or would like to improve certain situations in your personal life, you can always schedule an online consultation session with me. I will be happy and honored to help you with your questions and concerns.

It is always a pleasure to be of service to you.


*Please note that I am not a “healer.” The title of the website refers to the potential in each of us to be a “healer” to our wounds by understanding our birth chart. I write based on my interdisciplinary interests and continuous experience gathered through interaction with my clients. I hope you enjoy exploring my work!