About Astro Healer: Author and Astrologer Tina meditating against a background of pink flowers.My first astrology book was given to me by my aunt when I was fourteen years old. She was a world traveler and introduced me to metaphysics, taught me how to meditate, and gave me the books of all major religions to study. “They all say the same thing, but in different ways,” she said.

My mother is a psychologist, so there was never a lack of books on the subject in the house. I was an avid reader of Freud and Jung all my teen years. Later, I studied English Literature in one of the best universities in Iran (I was born and raised in Tehran), and as I was working on my Master’s thesis, I learned about the application of psychoanalytical theories in literature. At that point, I could look at my life as a story with a changing plotline, various characters, and evolving motifs, all authored by myself.

Why Psychological & Evolutionary Astrology?

When I started working on my Ph.D. dissertation at EGS, I had already studied psychology and dream analysis for over a decade. I wanted to apply those theories to film, philosophy, and geometry. My extensive research took me to many corners, and this was when I discovered Psychological Astrology through the books of Dr. Liz Greene. Later, I enrolled in a program initiated by her at CPA, London, and after two years of intensive study, I received a certificate in Psychological Astrology and started working with a small circle of clients. This gave me a chance to empirically observe how the natal chart may manifest in real life. In the meantime, I kept researching about different branches of astrology, including Vedic (Indian) astrology, and had an additional two years of private astrological and spiritual studies with Vic DiCara (i. e. Vraja Kishor).

About five years after my first exposure to Psychological Astrology, I discovered Evolutionary Astrology quite accidentally (well, Pluto was transiting opposite my natal Moon at the time, so it was not quite “accidental”). I delved into these new teachings and eventually realized that this approach can beautifully supplement the Psychological approach. This is why, in my own practice, I synthesize what I have learned using both of these angles.

From among writers and teachers to whom I am in debt, I would like to specially acknowledge the works of Jeffrey Wolf Green (“Evolutionary Astrology”), Mark Jones (“Psychosynthesis”), and Dr. Glenn Perry (“Astro Psychology”) whose teachings have certainly enriched my view of the cosmos and our place in it.

At the moment, I am working on a book about Chiron, I teach customized astrology classes,  offer consultations to clients from around the world, and of course, as an eternal student of astrology, I am learning new things, almost every day, from the sweet souls whose paths cross mine, as planned by the cosmic wisdom.

It is a pleasure to be of service to you!