In my astrology consultations, I synthesize modern and ancient techniques, approaching the birth chart from both Psychological and Evolutionary perspectives. My goal is to offer you an experience that is unique, complete, and helpful.

Psychological and Evolutionary Astrology Consultations: Natal Chart Interpretation

How is it done?

All consultations take place online, via audio or video chat (based on your preference). I prefer live readings, but if for any reason scheduling a live session is difficult for you, you can ask me to do a pre-recorded audio reading: I will send you a questionnaire and based on your answers, I will contextualize the chart(s) and offer you insight.


30-minute “Q&A” [ONLY for technical questions]: 90 euros

60-minute consultation [based on 1 chart]: 195 euros

90-minute consultation [based on 2 charts]: 275 euros

  • Pre-recorded audio readings will cost 50 euros more because of the extra time involved in preparation.
  • Returning Clients and those choosing to work with me on an ongoing basis will receive discounts based on the frequency of our sessions.

How do I pay?

After you decide what type of reading you would like to book, please email me at [email protected] for me to send you more details. Payment instructions will vary based on your country of residence, so please include information regarding your current location and availability.

Your Psychological Portrait & Evolutionary Path

This is a 60-minute reading which will address the highlighted aspects of your natal chart from a psychological and evolutionary perspective. Possible past life patterns will be explored, as well as current psychological tendencies and prominent personality traits.

Vocational or Academic Insight

This is a 60-minute reading which will help you explore your true vocational or academic potentials, strengths, and talents so that you can make wiser choices regarding your professional or academic life. Vocations or fields of study which suit your evolutionary path will be discussed as well.

Sexual Insight

This is a 60-minute reading which will help you understand why you are attracted to certain types of people and what you need in order to have an erotically fulfilling life. Wherever you are on the sexuality spectrum, you can benefit from gaining further insight into your sexual needs and style.

Love and Friendship

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading which will evaluate the psychological issues and karmic ties present in a romantic connection or friendship. Why the connection exists and where it is going from an evolutionary point of view will be discussed as well. You will also learn how to maintain or strengthen the connection if you desire so.

Partnership and Marriage

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading which will analyze the evolutionary purpose of a partnership or marriage. It will also give insight into the nature of possible karmic or psychological bonds between the two of you, the possible past life stories, and the future trajectory of the relationship. You will also learn how you can help each other to further evolve on your individual paths through this relationship.

Divorce or Uncoupling

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading which will help you understand why a relationship ended from a psychological and evolutionary point of view. Alternatively, this reading can help you learn how to let go of a relationship that no longer serves you.

Parent/Child Dynamics

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading which will address the psychological and karmic dynamics between you and your child or you and your parent(s). You will explore the highlighted psychological tendencies or past life issues present in the other person, as well as in your relationship with them so that you can connect with them from a place of understanding.

Q&A Session

This is a 30-minute session, designed to help you get answers to your astrology-related questions. Please book this option only if you have general questions about the technical aspects of reading charts.

If you are interested in a more in-depth, extended exploration of your birth chart, you can check out my astrology classes.