Mayan Astrology

An Introduction to Mayan Astrology

By Duru Yücel

Mayan Astrology

Curious about Mayan astrology? Here is a quick introduction to the style of astrology I do:

My readings are based on the Tzolk’in calendar, known to be the oldest in Mesoamerica, dating back to at least 600 BC. It is one of the most, if not the most, complex and intricate of the ancient calendar systems. The origin of such a surprisingly accurate and meaningful calendar is not entirely certain, but we can look at the amazing qualities of this civilization far ahead of its time and have an understanding. The ancient Maya developed a written language of hieroglyphs and, perhaps more interestingly, the concept of zero in mathematics, and thanks to these they also developed the most precise astronomy of the pre-telescope era.

These are proofs of why it’s not so hard to think that they could manage to come up with a calendar like Tzolk’in. Yet, this calendar is also based on trance states that Mayan shamans had the privilege to access since the Mayan civilization is closely tied to shamanic practices. This is one of the reasons why Mayan astrology is very different from other classical and widely known astrological systems. It’s metaphysical yet has emerged as the centuries-long efforts and conclusions of astronomers, mathematicians, astrologers, and the wise people in Mayan civilization. Hence, it’s very detailed and precise when it comes to achieving the highest level of awareness and the best results for our spiritual evolution.

Throughout Mayan history, and even today, this calendar has been used to observe important things such as seeing the future, naming people, matching the actions of Mayan rulers with historical events, picking dates for marriages and even battles, and many other things where trustworthy, solid guidance was crucial. The Mayan ”Daykeepers” have been tracking these days with specific ceremonies for about 2500 years non-stop, passing down the wisdom and method for many generations.

The Tzolk’in Calendar has a round of 260 days. Each unique day comes with different combinations of ”Signs” and ”Tones”. Considered sacred, it is also called the ”Sacred Round”, in which time repeats without interruption. The 20-day round is called ”uinal” and each of these 20 days is associated with a day sign (Nawale) which follows a certain order, leading to the completion of the 20 days, then another round of 20 days begins, returning to the same sign that initiated the period. These ”Signs” (Nawales) have different meanings and give various qualities to the person born in those days. There are also numerical values associated with 20 Signs (Nawales) called ”Tones”. These Tones, ranging from 1 to 13, signify the beginning and end of a ”Trecana”, which corresponds to what we call a week, and each week (Trecana) has specific purposes for us collectively.

Each of us is born with a particular Tone on a particular Day Sign of a particular Trecana. The week we are born into and the tone we are given add layers of meaning to the Day Sign, a person’s destiny, and character traits. The Mayans say that each soul chooses the sign best for its evolution, but at birth, we forget that we’ve made that choice. What we do not choose is the Tone that accompanies our Day Sign, it is assigned to us by the Divine/Life Itself/Universe so that we can exude, carry and work through that vibration, serving as the necessary piece in the great puzzle of life.

During my very detailed and comprehensive consultations, we go through a journey of discovery together, including your 3 main, distinct phases of life and why they show up for you in their chronological order; the significance of the week you are born into when it comes to how it shapes you and influences your life, and what it all means when matched with your Day Sign, along with 9 different tones for each phase and 4 ‘’Masculine’’ and ‘’Feminine’’ Signs in your ‘’Tree of Life’’ and how they change their sphere of influence and serve different purposes as you continue to walk your unique path. I get very excited each time I embark on a journey of discovery, healing, empowerment, and enlightenment with each precious soul. I look forward to holding the hand of your soul and guiding you through your soul-chosen destiny.

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