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Void of Course Moon Calendar, Lunar CalendarVoid of Course Moon & Lunar Phases

Keeping track of the Void of Course Moon and Lunar Phases can help us schedule our time and reach our goals organically, with less friction or frustration:

“In everything one does, it is timing which is the most important. The ability to answer to the influences of the moment in time is the key to success, friendships, harmony. To a life in accord with the cosmos.”
I Ching, Hexagram 16, Line 4

New Moon: Initiate

Use this time to visualize your goal* for the monthly cycle and write down an action plan. Use bullet points and short sentences. Focus on the practical steps necessary to launch the project or carry out the tasks.

*Pay attention to where the New Moon falls in your natal chart and choose the project or goal which is energetically in harmony with that placement.

First Quarter: Build

Act based on the action plan you created in the previous step. Do the hard work, knowing that the energy you need will be available. Build a solid foundation for your project or goal. Avoid quick fixes.

Full Moon: Connect

The materialized plan or goal should be tested through interaction with others now. Listen to what other people have to say and take their point of view into consideration. Equally, be mindful of the feedback coming from your environment, your dreams, or your seemingly random encounters.

Third Quarter: Evaluate

If something did not work correctly or if you failed at materializing the goal you had set for yourself, this is the moment to evaluate the situation and introduce changes. If you did succeed, however, this is the moment to evaluate how this particular goal or project has contributed to your overall sense of fulfillment. In either case, take a moment to recognize the effort gone into this process and focus on the gratifying feeling of having done it, regardless of the outcome.

Void of Course: Rest

These are moments of withdrawing from the conscious life and allowing the unconscious to come forward:

Sleep. Exercise. Meditate. Clean. Watch something. Read something. Listen to music. Dance. Take a shower. Fix things. Organize your drawers. Cook for yourself or go for a walk. Avoid initiating projects, planning anything consequential, or introducing dramatic changes in your routines. Let the conscious mind rest and the unconscious mind make itself known to you. Carry a small notebook or a voice recorder to record flashes of insight or random ideas. Pay attention to the changing light of the day or the background noises in your environment. Relax, close your eyes and listen to a hypnosis track. The unconscious is ready to come out and play.



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