Genetics of the Soul: Pluto in the Houses of Birth Chart (Pt. 1)

Pluto Houses in the Birth Chart: an old scholar is reading and writing, with a skull resting on his books.
Pluto in 3rd/9th House Axis: “San Gerolamo” [“Saint Jerome Writing”] by Caravaggio (1605–1606)
As mentioned before, Pluto in a natal chart may signify “soul habits” formed over many lifetimes. It can alternatively be pondered upon as a metaphoric container of the soul’s “genetic code”. A careful study of the placement and condition of Pluto in the birth chart, therefore, may hint at the crux of the evolution of the particular soul manifested by the birth chart. In the following post, I will discuss Pluto Houses (First House/Seventh House, Second House/Eighth House, and Third House/Ninth House):


Here are some oversimplified, general guidelines to start with. It is important to remember that a proper study of Pluto in a natal chart takes hours of contemplation (backed up by years of observation and actual work with charts), and cannot be presented in a short article here. However, these tips can help you draw a “sketch” of the general evolutionary path of the soul in question.

Pluto Houses: A General Overview

Pluto in 1st House / 7th House Axis:

“I am” vs. “the other is” (Existence)

Pluto in 1st House:

The soul has entrenched herself in lifetimes of solitary existence and overt self-reliance. True union with the other is not easy, as the soul has a “lone wolf” quality to it. Furthermore, the “instinctual reaction” to life has undergone many transformations.

These souls may have experienced many cycles of deep fear and extremities. Even in this life, they may start in absolute fear of everything, yet, over time, they can develop an urge to constantly heal and transform themselves or others. The evolution of the soul lies in the polarity point of the 7th House: these souls need to learn how to partner up with the other(s) without fear of losing control over their own destiny.

Pluto in 7th House:

Contrary to the previous placement, here the soul has emerged from lifetimes of being overtly “other-oriented”. The soul has not been able to define herself outside of relations and connections with the other(s). There is an urge to form partnerships, regardless of what the soul actually needs. Often, such a Pluto placement attracts to one’s life partners who seem to be utterly in control of one’s destiny. In reality, the soul has to learn how to rely on herself to map out a destiny proper to her own evolution.

Therefore, through developing the polarity point of “self-reliance” symbolized by the 1st House, the individual can attain control over his or her existence, rather than handing it out to the other(s). Furthermore, instead of seeing “evil” in the other(s), one has to focus on one’s own “shadow” (in a Jungian sense) and engage in soul-digging and unearthing one’s own darkness.

Pluto in 2nd House / 8th House Axis:

“I have” vs. “the other has” (Possession)

Pluto in 2nd House:

The soul has overtly developed an urge to be in control of her manifested body, food, and personal resources. This usually indicates lifetimes of being the provider or having a financial responsibility towards one’s own family or friends. Here the soul induces a desire to control income, money-related issues, and bodily pleasures. There is an urge to make sure that one’s basic survival needs will be met, and that one would always have bread o the table, a roof over the head, and sexual needlessness (through self-gratification, i.e. masturbation).

The evolution of the soul can be triggered by developing the qualities of the polarity point, 8th House: one has to learn how to open one’s home and heart to others, share one’s resources with those less fortunate, share one’s body with the other(s) (vs. self-gratifying), and allow others to bring fortune to one’s life.

Pluto in 8th House:

Contrary to the previous placement, here the soul has been overtly enmeshed with the body and resources of the other(s). There may be an unconscious “expectation” to “receive” from the other, rather than to “provide” for the other. However, if Pluto is challenged, there may be a block around the concept of “receiving”, as by “receiving” from other people, one may inadvertently subject oneself to those people’s power and control. There is fear and fascination with regards to sexual union, and sadomasochistic dynamics (lack of power or attainment of power) seem to deeply arouse the soul.

If Pluto connects to Mars from this placement, and Mars resides in an earth or water sign or house or contacts with Neptune, rape fantasies may be appealing and arousing. There may be a desire to “be completely taken” or to “completely take”. The evolution of the soul can be initiated by moving towards the 2nd House polarity point, which is connecting to one’s own body as a source of pleasure, rather than seeking pleasure in the arms of others, and making one’s own money rather than asking for loans or expecting a lottery win.

Pluto in 3rd House / 9th House Axis:

“I know” vs. “the other knows” (Knowledge)

Pluto in 3rd House:

The soul has acquired an obsession with the “trees” rather than an awareness of the “jungle”. Bits and pieces of information have to be gathered to make one feel in control. The news has to be followed and the person has to keep himself/herself constantly available to phone calls, emails, and messages coming from others. Talking, writing, communicating and connecting seem to be indispensable. There is a facility with regards to categorizing and labeling things, which may hint at lifetimes being a scribe or disseminator of knowledge of some type.

If Pluto is challenged in the chart, the person may have been questioned, interrogated, or judged because of something he or she had written or said. In this case, the soul may carry fear around communicating or expressing oneself. If Pluto is in good condition, there may be a fascination with the power of words, an intense desire to learn, and a limitless curiosity that seems unquenchable. The evolution of the soul can happen through 9th House activities: enrolling in a university, connecting to a spiritual mentor, concentrating on what is “foreign” rather than “local”, and contemplating the “jungle” that comprises the “trees”.

Pluto in 9th House:

Contrary to the previous placement, the soul here is obsessed with the “jungle” rather than the “trees”. Lifetimes of absolute dedication to the “betterment” of one’s soul may be indicated here, and this may have ranged from being religiously fanatic to being spiritually enlightened. The soul is in a habit of finding “meaning” in whatever event that occurs, internally or externally; it seems that in the absence of such a “meaning-assignment” system, the soul is utterly disoriented.

Alternatively, there may be a fascination with spiritual disciplines and an attraction to one’s mentor(s). If Pluto contacts Mars from this position, religious settings such as churches, mosques, or temples, or religious icons and objects such as rosary and cross may seem erotically charged to the individual, and therefore may be a recurring theme in his or her sexual fantasies. The evolution of the soul lies in a motion towards the polarity point of the 3rd House, which includes a focus on the “trees”, taking one step at a time, rather than expecting perfection all at once.

The soul here needs to learn how to take care of one’s neighbor rather than focusing on the foreign or exotic, even if the former does not sound as lofty as the latter. An abstract search for “truth” has to take earthy dimensions and has to be practiced through simplicity. The evolution of the soul here lies in an involvement with the small-scale, the ordinary, and the mundane.

In the next post, I will address Pluto in the 4th/10th, 5th/11th, and 6th/12th Houses.

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If you are interested in understanding Pluto in your own birth chart or if you have specific questions regarding your chart, consider booking a consultation or taking a class.

9 Replies to “Genetics of the Soul: Pluto in the Houses of Birth Chart (Pt. 1)”

    1. Catherine, at the bottom of the article I have written this paragraph: “In the next post, I will address Pluto in the 4th/10th, 5th/11th, and 6th/12th Houses.” Just click on the next post 🙂

      1. thANKHyou for this article !!

        Interesting – KayceeLeighConnolly’s Lunar Node placement. It’s congruent.
        Whereas, mine is kind of contrary.
        My 9th house (Placidus) Pluto in Virgo is only 5 degrees behind my mean North Node. A wide conjunction. So, at issue is looking to Pluto’s opposite pole at the same time as looking to my [9th house Virgo] North Node.
        I suppose Mercury could still be considered a touchstone for my soul work.

        I have a few other contrary or hard aspects in my chart, two of which involve my Mercury. Certainly , my chart mirrors the “story” I’ve lived.

  1. Another excellent article. I have Pluto in my 9th house and I find it fascinating how the elements you described from my Pluto placement are actually reflected in my Sagittarius South Node and Gemini North Node. You stated that my soul is drawn towards evolving more towards the 3rd house and seeing the “trees” instead of the entire “jungle”. Those are the same lessons that I am learning through my North Node being in Gemini….take things one step at a time and see the value in the parts instead of putting all the emphasis on the finished product. I need to learn to enjoy the journey, as well. I like how you stated another of the 3rd house lessons involves not expecting the outcome to be perfect right away. That is another lesson I’m learning and “slow and steady wins the race” is my current mantra. It’s truly amazing how more than one placement in the birth chart can be connected and be completely in sync with each other. The birth chart flows so seemlessly from one element to another. Thank you for another wonderfully enlightening article!

    1. Many thanks for sharing this detailed feedback, Kacee! What you said is completely true, and I also see it frequently in the charts of my clients, that the evolutionary “totality” of the chart usually points to the same direction that we can also intuitively understand by synthesizing the “bits and pieces” of the chart. In your case, South Node Sagittarius and 9th House Pluto both point to a general “Jupiterian” inclination of your soul, and the evolution lies in becoming more Gemini-like 🙂 I love your mantra… keep up the good work!

      1. I just wanted to thank you for your response. It’s truly wonderful that you take the time to respond to your readers, even though you must be very busy! I’m sorry to hear from another comment that you’ve met with some resistance from the astro community with your blog. How ridiculous! I think you are extremely talented and have valuable insights to share. Keep on with your great work, and don’t let anyone bring you down!

        1. How sweet, Kacee! Thank you for your heart-warming words… I enjoy interacting with my readers (despite the fact that as you can imagine, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming, as I also have to write, teach, study, and do the housework everyday)… readers like you keep me motivated and inspired. Thanks again!

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