From Pluto to the Sun: A Metaphoric Journey of the Soul (Pt. 3)

From Pluto the Sun: Mercury, Sun and Moon in the Birth Chart
“Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon” by Robert Delaunay (1912-1913)

[This is a continuation of the previous post]. In this article, I would like to address the Sun and Moon, Mercury, and the last portion of the metaphoric journey of the Soul:

Mercury Station:

In the eighth station, Mercury teaches the soul how to acquire “knowledge” of self and the other(s). The world at large has to be perceived and analyzed at Mercury Station, and the soul aspires to learn the mundane “language” of the mortals (as opposed to the jovial “language” of gods, earlier imparted by Jupiter).

The soul needs this in order to be able to co-exist and interact (earlier offered at Venus’ station). Furthermore, the soul has to learn how to “think” as a mortal, how to situate oneself on Earth, and how to carry out mundane activities as earthlings would do. In sum, Mercury guides the soul to fully realize the necessity of small-scale activities in order to evolve.

The connectivity and relativity of all things aside (the perception of which occurs at the station of Neptune and later Venus), here the soul yearns to “understand” and “make sense” of things, not in a lofty Jupiterian fashion triggered by the oppression of Saturnian limits, but for a more humble, down-to-earth reason: to manage life as it happens requires one to be on one’s toes almost constantly. Maintaining a state of “alertness” with regards to one’s existence is what the soul learns at this stage. At a higher level, a job well-done and a piece of work meticulously crafted would be what the soul would master here.

Sun and Moon:

Definitions vary among different schools of astrology when it comes to the Moon and the Sun:

The Moon is the Mind in Vedic astrology, the Ego in Evolutionary astrology, our early childhood conditioning and listening response in Psychological astrology.

The Sun is the Soul in Vedic astrology, the Purpose in Evolutionary astrology, and the Ego in Psychological astrology.

As valid as all these definitions are, one can also understand the Sun and the Moon as part of the continuum of the soul’s journey.

Sun Station:

The ninth station is the Sun. By the very fact that it is the “last stop”, one can conclude that the Sun represents a culmination point in the evolution of the soul. We can think of the Sun as the ultimate “individuation” of the soul, in a Jungian sense. The metaphoric journey started with the soul being “born” into the solar system, and continued as the soul further developed in each stage until the soul reached the Sun, the maturation and the completion of the individuation process. Here the soul gains “identity” as a decidedly “unique” individual, capable of creating her own destiny.

The Sun is the beginning of consciousness, the beginning of a recognition of a God-like ability to be One and simultaneously Many, as the light which emanates from the one and only Sun also touches everything around it. Here the soul recognizes her Godliness, which can be summarized as a fusion of the Doer and the Done, the integration of the passive and active, the continuous creation of herself as a creator. The glyph of the Sun ☉, a full circle with a dot in the center, beautifully summarizes the condition of the soul at this stage: the soul is the center of its own circumference. The circle is the expansion of the dot, and not only the Sun has this geometric shape, but also the whole Solar System can be summarized as the same glyph: One is All and All is One.

Furthermore, in numerology, number 9 is the last single digit before the sequence of numbers repeats itself by going back to 0 and 1 (10), hence 9 is considered the ultimate link in the numerical chain. In the Tarot system as well, 9s represent the climax or fruition, whereas 10s indicate an already-completed cycle that carries the seed of a fresh cycle altogether.

Moon Station:

Although Moon is not directly related to the stations of evolution, it is an indispensable symbol: It shows how the soul contains itself after departing the station of Mars and entering the stage of Venus, passing from “one” evolutionary stage to the “other”.

The Moon is the constant mirror in which the soul sees itself and thus reflects upon its own trajectory of evolution. Without the Moon, the light of the soul (i.e. the Sun) will be scattered… after reaching the ninth station, the individuated soul would need to be “contained” with regards to itself. It needs to “care” for itself enough to become manifest. Therefore, the Moon is the mirror that gives the soul a chance to see itself, to “reflect” itself, and to ultimately manifest itself. Without this function, the soul stays un-manifested — with all its potential, it will not have any tangible trace on Earth. The Moon thus “invites” the soul to manifest in an earthly manner, the same way that the blinding light of the Sun will become possible to see only after it gets reflected by the Moon.

The Moon, the Mother, the Matter is that which ultimately absorbs the Sun, the Seed, the Soul, and brings it forth on Earth, as beautifully stated by the classical Persian poet, Hafez:

“And the sun and the moon sometimes argue over who will tuck me in at night. If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are absolutely correct.”

In the next post, I will explore the Genetics of the Soul: the Psychological and Evolutionary meaning of Pluto in the Birth Chart.

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  1. W o w.
    I think I’ve never read a more beautiful, and so blindingly obvious yet, for me at least, unrecognized way to see the planets and their/our archetypal energies, in perfect order of the souls ‘descent’. I never saw it like this before.
    Thank you so so much. I also deeply appreciate your other articles and am very eagerly awaiting their continuation!

    Thank you and much love to you beautiful soul sister!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Maximilian! Nothing makes me happier than receiving feedback like this, knowing that there are beautiful souls like you out there who are on a similar journey… It’s an honor to have you in the circle of my readers 🙂

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