Jupiter in Aspect to the Sun

Sun Jupiter Aspects
Jupiter in Aspect to the Sun: “Le Sacre de Napoléon” by Jacques- Luis David (1807)

What does it mean to have Jupiter Square the Sun, or Jupiter Trine the Sun in the natal chart?  In this post, I will address Sun Jupiter Aspects: all the major “hard” and “soft” aspects will be discussed. Please note that these are baseline interpretations and may be modified according to the presence of other factors in the chart. You can also study Jupiter Signs and Jupiter Houses discussed in other posts.

Sun Jupiter: Conjunction

Grandiosity is the natural manner of expression of the conscious self: it is as if there is nothing that the self is incapable of creating, as the borders of the self are quite vast and inclusive. Attraction to the foreign and/or dealing with the foreign comes naturally to the individual, as one’s consciousness is expanded through contact with that which is not already part of the “known” sphere of knowledge. Alternatively, the father-figure or important “mentor” figures in one’s life may display these qualities.

As is the case with any conjunction, the archetypal energy represented by the Sign in which the conjunction takes place plays quite a significant role in modifying this aspect. For example, if the conjunction takes place in a Yin Sign (Water and Earth), the energy is normally felt more as an inner sense of spaciousness, rather than an external impetus for expansion.

If left psychologically unintegrated, this combination may symbolize ideological blind spots, extreme bigotry, or an absolute lack of objectivity with regards to one’s moral, religious, or political convictions.

Sun Jupiter: Square

One may find it difficult to adhere to the prescriptions of orthodox religion, politics or systems of morality. Instead, one usually develops one’s own definition of what is “right” or “wrong,” and strictly follows the commands of a self-ascribed guide whose “laws” have been derived from one’s individualistic moral compass.

Alternatively, Jupiterain figures (i.e. fathers, mentors, religious or political figures) may have challenged one’s path of individuation by imposing external rules and regulations which could not apply to the specific condition of the individual.

Depending on the Signs involved, one may deal with this Aspect in a passive or aggressive manner: either case, a lot of internal frustration may be generated until the individual “toughens up” and learns to resist without necessarily expecting a reconciliation with such imposing figures or forces.

If left psychologically unintegrated, this combination may symbolize a stubborn defiance of orthodoxy in all its various forms, even when such defiance is not necessarily fruitful for the individual.

Sun Jupiter: Opposition

One may periodically vacillate between the call of conscience and the necessity to stay faithful to oneself. Alternatively, the conscious self may have been formed as a result of comparing and contrasting oneself with a teacher or mentor figure. The feedback, either positive or negative in this case, may have played a significant role in one’s process of individuation.

Another possibility is that one may have found the prevalent political, religious or cultural system diametrically opposed to one’s sense of identity and yet necessary to cope with as part of the process of individuation.

If left psychologically unintegrated, the individual may project his or her personal sense of meaning onto external figures (such as political or religious figures or mentors) and then “worship” or “hate” them for their particular ideology, political affiliations or religious tendencies. In this case, the individual may perceive the “other” as either indispensable or an absolute block on the path of individuation. There is also a possibility of vacillating between extremes of dedication or rejection with regards to a Jupiterian figure in one’s life.

Sun Jupiter: Quincunx (Inconjunct)

One’s consciousness may simply operate through excluding a need for meaning, or as an extreme reaction to a need for meaning. Alternatively, political, religious or moral systems may be totally dismissed or perceived as posing a threat to one’s process of individuation, and as such, they may spur an individual to define his or her path of individuation as a reaction towards such systems.

As the energy represented by a quincunx in most cases cannot be appropriated by the psyche, there is a higher chance for somatic manifestation regarding the archetypes involved: the heart, the eyes, and the circulatory system may be especially vulnerable (as well as any other body parts symbolized by the Signs involved in the quincunx); therefore, it is recommended that one performs regular check-ups and take special care regarding these areas.

Sun Jupiter: Semi-Sextile

One’s conscious self holds a minimal awareness of the Jupiterian principles of expansion, the quest for meaning, and the natural law, yet may not be quite at ease with these energies, as it cannot fully grasp them. The result is a grudging co-existence between one’s sense of consciousness and one’s particular set of beliefs or ideological orientation in life.

If Jupiter is relatively well-integrated, such discomfort may be felt less intensely, as the all-encompassing energy of Jupiter would usually pave the way for the expressive energy of the Sun to flow in the direction of individuation rather than conformity. If, however, Jupiter is psychologically unintegrated, the unique solar urge to individuate may be partially troubled by one’s necessity to conform to one’s own ideological, religious or cultural beliefs.

Sun Jupiter: Trine

The development of one’s conscious self has usually been encouraged by a mentor figure or by one’s cultural or ideological upbringing, therefore the individual may have enjoyed a good education, intellectual freedom to explore, or constructive companionship. Even if these conditions have not been present in early life, the individual will usually be able to enjoy them later in life.

Alternatively, an adventure-seeking spirit or a daredevil quality may be naturally present in the individual, which may also function as an element of “luck” in risky situations. Confidence in oneself and one’s individual path may also push the individual to challenge himself or herself on many levels. In this case, the challenge will be mostly perceived as pure “fun” and a way of expanding one’s definition of oneself, rather than done to achieve a certain goal or for any particular pragmatic reason.

There may also exist a certain level of “ease” with regards to being noticed by others, which, in turn, will maintain a positive feedback loop in the psyche of the individual and thus persuade him or her to take even more risks with life, for better or for worse.

Sun Jupiter: Sextile

An exposure to philosophy, religion or politics may assist the process of individuation, i.e. the conscious self can benefit from interacting with Jupiterian figures or pursuing Jupiterian endeavors, such as traveling, learning foreign concepts, cultural immersion or political involvements.

Alternatively, the individual may find opportunities throughout life to become a Jupiterian figure himself or herself. Despite the fact that this process usually needs an initial effort, the individual will usually feel supported on this path. One’s immediate environment or close circle of family or friends may also lend a hand if necessary, but this will largely depend on how seriously the individual is focused on his or her path.

In some cases, this aspect may simply show an “appreciation” rather than an “initiation” of a Jupiterian endeavor, so the individual’s ability to manifest this energy on the material plane will largely depend on other factors in the chart, including a general predisposition to take “action” rather than resting in “contemplation.”

In the next post, I will address Jupiter in Aspect to the Moon in the Birth Chart.

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  1. thanks for sharing your view/insights on astrology.
    pl note: the postings for Inconjunct on Sun/Jupiter and Mercury/Jupiter contain the same text.
    On purpose? mis-pasted?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Regarding Sun/Jupiter and Mercury/Jupiter, there are a few similar lines (because of the similarities in the energies symbolized by the Sun and Mercury), but each text is unique and different if you read carefully: with the Sun the focus is on “individuation” whereas with Mercury “sovereignty of thinking” is emphasized, therefore the type of “exclusion” the Inconjunct represents is slightly different in each case.

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