Desire to Return: Neptune in the Birth Chart (Pt. 3: Cadent Houses)

Neptune in 3rd House, 6th House, 9th House, 12th House: Romantic painting of a girl standing and a boy sitting, looking at each other, in an enchanted jungle.
Neptune in 6th/12th House Axis: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by John Simmons (1870)

[This is a continuation of a previous post]. In the third part of this post, I will address Neptune in Cadent Houses (Neptune in 3rd House, in 9th House, in 6th House, and in 12th House):

Neptune in 3rd House / 9th House Axis:

“I know” vs. “the other knows” (Knowledge)

Neptune in 3rd House:

The soul yearns for connections, contacts, and dissemination of knowledge. Words are one’s refuge. Language represents the possibility of redemption. One may find “God” in the simple act of reading or writing. John who wrote one of the Gospels must have had this placement: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

If comfortable, Neptune here may indicate the soul’s understanding of the necessity of friendship, brotherhood, or sisterhood, as “staying in touch” with another soul is deeply cherished. There may exist an attraction towards what is considered an “unknown language”, either literally or metaphorically. The soul may be very curious about codes, numbers, and any symbolic system that shows a correlation between two or more things. Speech and writing would tend to be poetic, visual, and symbolic. Quite a number of actors, writers, and filmmakers have this placement, as they probably harbor a psychological tendency to “idealize” media, believing that the “lost Eden” may be regained in the world of fiction and fantasy.

Challenges of Neptune in 3rd House:

If Neptune is challenged, the soul may carry prenatal memories of not having access to language, having to “redeem” herself through words, or having to suffer the consequences of something she has expressed. If Neptune connects to personal planets from this position, “language” can become quite highlighted in the psyche of the individual, to the point that he or she may become “enthralled” by words or develop a sensitivity towards the notion of communication in general.

The British author Ian McEwan has a challenged Neptune in the Third House, and one of the most celebrated works he has produced, Atonement (set into a movie in 2007, starring Keira Knightly) shows the inevitability of atonement for words one has said out of ignorance or jealousy. His most recent novel, Nutshell (2016) is a retelling of the Shakespearean play Hamlet from the point of view of a fetus. As mentioned before, Neptune can be associated with the passage of the soul to the “fetal” stage, right before being born. In the chart of this writer, Neptune in 3rd House can literally translate to a novel written about a fetus, or better put, “verbalizing” what a fetus may think if witnessing a crime.

Alternatively, a challenged Neptune in Third House may hint at an “anxiety” around communication, and perhaps, an inability to “gather” one’s thoughts or structure them logically, so that one can express oneself in a comprehensible manner. In severe cases, the individual with a challenged Neptune in this position may develop a scattered pattern of speech, or a tendency to be silent most of the time. In fact, “silence” can be quite healing for individuals with such a placement, as the energy of Neptune may elevate the mind to a realm “beyond words”, where things are intuitively understood rather than verbally expressed. Using colors, musical notes, shapes, and textures as a means of expression, rather than over-relying on the spoken or written word, would allow this energy to flow as smoothly as possible.

Neptune in 9th House:

The soul yearns for understanding the mechanics of cosmos, how “one” connects to the “whole”, and how knowledge can be understood in a spiritual context. The soul tends to cherish differences in race, religion, and culture, and would normally gravitate towards what is shared among all, rather than focusing on differentiating factors. There may be a fascination with advanced studies and university degrees, so if the individual himself or herself cannot materialize this, he or she would probably feel attracted to those who have done so. Even if the individual is not directly involved in academic studies, the thirst for learning from a master or mentor would usually be present until later stages of life.

If Neptune is comfortable here, natural respect exists towards whatever that is “foreign” or “exotic”, including foreign philosophies and religions. The individual may find “salvation” in interacting with foreigners, living abroad, or dealing with unfamiliar concepts which would require scholarly research. There may be a psychological “idealization” of foreign cultures and languages, which would inevitably push the individual to travel and learn how to “mingle” with locals. To stand out as a “tourist” would probably be quite embarrassing for an individual with this placement, as there is an unconscious disdain towards lack of sophistication with regards to cultural interaction.

Challenges of Neptune in 9th House:

If Neptune is challenged, there may exist an “anxiety” around traveling, interacting with foreigners, or having to deal with academic or religious environments. Alternatively, the soul may carry prenatal memories of having been denied access to the acquirement of knowledge, or an unconscious “grief” may exist with regards to the “loss” of a beloved mentor or inability to fulfill a religious or philosophical pledge. Denial of freedom of movement may also have occurred in a previous life cycle, either because of physical restrictions or imposed laws.

If Neptune is challenged in this House and Saturn or Jupiter are also highlighted in the chart, the individual may develop religious, political, or ideological “fanaticism” which would be quite difficult to modify, as such “belief” would be fueled by a misplaced emotional link to the recovery of “lost Eden”. In this case, the individual may project the notion of “Evil” unto other belief systems just to promote his or her own “absolutely right” ideals. Individuals with this placement have to be conscious of the possibility of misinterpreting the word of “God” by wrongly equating their own unconscious “anxiety” to “divine inspiration”.

As Neptune’s association with the Ninth House would also imply a degree of “faith” in cosmic justice, it is important for individuals with this placement to diligently familiarize themselves with alternative modes of thought or ways of life before issuing a moral judgment against what is not familiar to them. Studying techniques of argument and the effective use of rhetorical devices can be immensely helpful in that it would “regulate” the natural dedication of Neptune to the higher mind by creating a small-scale, logical framework within which the mind can analyze and synthesize ideas in an objective manner.

Therefore, in order to access the blessings of Neptune in the Ninth House, one has to cultivate an appreciation for Third House activities: categorizing ideas, then comparing and contrasting them in an emotionally detached manner. This would help Neptune in the Ninth House to constantly inspire the individual and open him or her to new intellectual possibilities without blurring the lines of his or her thinking.

Neptune in 6th House / 12th House Axis:

“I take care of myself” vs. “I take care of others” (Charity)

Neptune in 6th House:

The soul yearns for perfection and finds refuge in helping, improving, and fixing. If Neptune is comfortable, the individual may elect a profession that includes daily interaction with those “in need”, physically, psychologically, or financially. Volunteering appeals a lot to an individual with this placement, as well as offering service to one’s friends and family members according to what one is good at. However, the daily schedule may not yield to an exacting routine, as the individual may literally need to “go with the flow” in his or her daily activities. A strict 9-to-5 job would be better avoided, as it may negatively affect the health of the individual if Neptune resides here either natally or by transit.

Challenges of Neptune in 6th House:

If Neptune is not comfortable here, the individual may be unconsciously “punishing” himself or herself in hope of spiritual redemption. “Imbalance” may be an alluring concept, in this case. The individual may thus attract “inequality” to his or her life, and unconsciously produce “chances” to feel “inferior” one way or the other. This can take place in the work environment, but it can also be just a theme in the daily life of the individual, apparently “caused” by a parent, partner, or friend.

Therefore, it is extremely important for individuals with this placement to be aware of their own possible sense of “guilt”, as psychologically, they may harbor an unconscious belief that Eden was lost as a result of something they did or could not do, as they were not “good enough” anyway. They may easily link any problem in their environment to their own inability to be “perfect”, as there is an unconscious predisposition that may constantly judge the individual as “guilty”.

From an evolutionary perspective, the soul may have experienced being in the position of a “scapegoat” or having been offered as a sacrifice to the altar of gods for the protection of a tribe or nation in a previous life cycle. Therefore, the concept of being “punished” or “sacrificed” is somehow linked with “redemption” in the psyche of the individual.

If such a “wound” has recurred during several lifetimes and the soul has not been able to become conscious of its origin, there is a higher-than-average chance that the soul would “invite” harmful situations in this lifetime to “confirm” the experience of previous cycles (rather than challenging it). In other words, the unconscious “idealization of inferiority” would predispose the individual to sabotage himself or herself, either literally (by inviting “abusers” to one’s life who would “subjugate” the individual) or metaphorically (by stopping the individual from demanding justice and respect in his or her interactions).

It is not uncommon for individuals with a challenged Neptune in this position to “fall” into abusive relationships or not to demand a wage they deserve for their labor. Getting hired by an employer who “uses” the individual to gain personal profit is another possible scenario: sex workers and drug distributors can fall into this category, as well as those who “rent” their body to high-end modeling agencies, acting clubs, or advertisement companies.

In all these cases, the individual loses dominance over his or her own body in favor of contributing to the profit of the other. Gaining insight into the possible unconscious mechanisms that impel the individual to perpetuate his or her own subservience would be the ultimate key to working with the sabotaging energies symbolized by a challenged Neptune in this House. Past-life regression and working with a psychoanalyst can prove especially helpful in this case, as they would help reveal the “root” of the problem, and thus augment the chance of the individual liberating himself or herself from ancient wounds carried over several lifetimes.

Neptune in 12th House:

The soul yearns for transcendence and has a vulnerability with regard to dealing with the “facts” of life. This placement usually shows that the soul has not fully “exited” into the Earthly life, and therefore, the “dream world” is quite significant and has to be paid attention to. If the individual doesn’t address his or her dreams consciously (by keeping a “dream journal”, painting the dreams, or playing them), then the daily routine may get infused with daydreaming and fantasy.

If Neptune is comfortable here, this “infusion” can be used for creative purposes and can be an endless source of artistic or spiritual inspiration. The individuals with this placement would probably be more “open” to metaphysics and all that is labeled as “intangible”, having a precognitive understanding of the holistic, inter-related nature of things and the impossibility of “Absolute Knowledge”. The “lost Eden”, in other words, was never lost in the psyche of individuals with this placement: we just made a “shift” from that side of the garden to this side. A comfortable Neptune in the Twelfth House, therefore, is an indicator of the soul’s ability to stay “connected” to the source as the individual goes through his or her daily routine. Beauty can be found in small things, and the “divine” can manifest in the mundane world.

Challenges of Neptune in 12th House:

If Neptune is challenged, there may be a tendency to “divide” life into “harsh facts” and “sweet fantasies”. The soul may carry a prenatal “angst” with regards to the very concept of incarnation into a body. Unlike a First House Neptune which “colors” the everyday experience of the individual with Neptunian themes, a challenged Twelfth House Neptune can show resistance towards introducing anything Neptunian to the actual experience of life.

The individual may, instead, create a “safe haven” in the world of fantasy and illusion and lead a double life: he or she can function in a “soulless” manner in his or her daily routines just to comply with all the tasks assigned, and then, may seek refuge in addiction, excessive sleep, depression, or an imaginary world with no correlation to the real experience of his or her life (which may even include counter-factual elements). It is not uncommon, in such a case, for an individual to “make up” stories to hide the painful reality of traumas, psychological wounds, or any issues that have to be addressed and resolved for the individual to experience a healthy and balanced existence.

If a challenged Neptune is associated with Mars from this position, a possibility of sexual victimization and exploitation may exist, especially during the early years of life, about which the individual may keep silent, as the whole story may provoke a deep feeling of “shame”. Seeking professional help, in this case, is absolutely necessary for undoing the harm caused by such an incident.

Learning how to rightfully express one’s anger is another life-long lesson for an individual with this configuration. Regular contact with water and sleeping in the bathtub or on a waterbed can bring further healing, as such environments would metaphorically reconstruct the prenatal experience the soul is still cherishing dearly. As dissociation from the conscious mind can be achieved more easily by an individual with Neptune in Twelfth House, sleeping to the sound of music or sea waves can reduce anxiety and help the brain enter a more profound stage of sleep.

To conclude this series on Neptune in the 12 Houses of Birth Chart, I invite you to watch this beautiful, 12-minute Neptunian story: The House of Small Cubes.

In the next post, I will address the meaning of Uranus in the birth chart.

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  1. Who are you? Honestly, who wrote this, and are you human? Because your accuracy in explaining a part of me I’ve struggled explaining (scattered pattern of speech lol) my entire life IS INSANE TO THE POINT WHERE I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS AND WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY. I come in peace, alien. Or higher self? Whatever you are, I am grateful for you and that I’ve found this, in fact I had a feeling my soul was leading me to something good as I scrolled the Neptune in 3rd house definitions. And after finding you, I know I was absolutely lead by my higher self in doing so. That realm beyond words. Few understand what I mean. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Aw, thank you for your sweet feedback, Maria! I am happy that you found my article insightful! I hope you get to read my other articles as well and that you enjoy them all 🙂

  2. I’m so happy that I came across this article- I have a Neptune/Uranus conjunction in the 3rd house and you are of the few astrologers that I have come across that accuratley and aptly described this position. I have a mixture of positive and negative aspects, the challenging aspects being an opposition to Mercury in the 9th house, if I go by the Whole Sign House system( a commentor from another astrology ite explained is the best system to check out how planetary aspects will ctyally manifest in the material plane). Luckily the positives outnumber the negative 2:1. 🙂 Though I admit that I have been plagued for most of my life with a sense of inadequacy of my minds inability to master “language” therefore the frustration of the ongoing challenge to communicate in a clear and logical manner and be understood. I discovered a way around it is to try communicating (mercury) in an emotionally personal style( Cancer), but this communication style has its limits, as emotional thinking and communication style is not conducive for academic and intellectual discussions. I havent found much information online, but is there a way to remedy challenging aspects, especially Mercury ( 9th House) opposite Neptune/Uranus( 3rd House)?

    I’m curious to know if a lesser used aspects such as the Bequintule, Yod, Novile, & Decile have a role in evolutionary astrology? I’m also interested to see you write an article explaining the functions of these planetary aspects in this astrological system and your thoughts on them. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind, thoughtful feedback 🙂 I have not researched the aspects you mentioned, and as far as I know, although Jeffrey Wolf Green has talked extensively about the minor aspects, I have not seen many evolutionary astrologers using them in practice. I am definitely curious, though… This may become one of my future projects 🙂

    2. Really interesting to read your comment. I also have Neptune in the 3rd house, and Mercury in cancer in the 9th house. It is difficult because I understand the complexity of the world around me but cannot put it into words, other than to describe the emotionality or ethical implications. I work in academia and I struggle to keep up with my peers verbally or in the written word, although I understand the phenomena. Factual details I just can’t recall. Sigh. It’s reassuring to take the blame away for this and know I can’t just be better or do better. It’s written like that.

  3. The Neptune in the 12th house interpretation was so likened to how I experience this placement in my natal chart! Thank you, keep up the good work (:

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