Chiron in the Birth Chart (Pt. 4: Houses 10, 11, 12)

10th House Chiron, 11th House Chiron, 12th House Chiron
Chiron in the 12th House: “The Scream” by Edvard Munch (1893)

[This is a continuation of the previous post]. In this article I will address Chiron in 10th House, Chiron in Capricorn, or Chiron in aspect to Saturn; Chiron in 11th House, Chiron in Aquarius, or Chiron in aspect to Uranus; and Chiron in 12th House, Chiron in Pisces, or Chiron in aspect to Neptune:

Chiron in 10th House / Chiron in Capricorn / Chiron in aspect to Saturn:

The individual may feel that he or she has “disappointed” a parental figure, a hypothetical higher power, or his or her own superego that constantly demands excellence and achievement. With Chiron on the apex of the birth chart, one may literally feel awkward in climbing the social ladder or attaining a higher status in life. Alternatively, the human need for excellence may prompt a feeling of pity in the individual, through which he or she may be able to connect to higher hopes and dreams of others, and consequently become a vehicle for their glory.

If Chiron is on the MC, there may exist a “rupture” in one’s relation to power, the father, or the divine. This may, in some cases, take the concrete form of psychological issues around a father figure (specially identifying with the “wounded” aspects of a father figure, or tolerating them out of pity). This may subsequently signify a life-long attempt to “heal” the self and others regarding the above-mentioned concepts.

Our relation with the “divine” starts in the Ninth House but culminates in the Tenth House. The belief in the concept of God as an “il-logical” notion requiring absolute faith is a Ninth House matter, whereas respecting God “logically” and feeling protected by Him or Her as a “surrogate parent” is a Tenth House issue. Chiron in the Tenth House may thus symbolize a degree of incapability to truly “let go and let God” as if the individual’s capacity for being “fathered” has been somehow compromised, regardless of how the actual father or father figure may have behaved, or how the individual has indeed related to other authority figures throughout his or her life.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 10th House:

It is not uncommon for someone with an uncomfortable Chiron in association with Saturn, Capricorn, or the Tenth House to develop a spiteful attitude towards all that is socially, intellectually, or culturally respected. In this case, the individual may feel simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by all that has been enduringly honored by tradition, including the “recognized” people who would represent a certain field of knowledge, a political view, or a highly popular cause. The danger, in this case, is to throw out the baby with the bathwater and to miss the commonsensical and practical dimensions of what is esteemed by convention.

Evolution of Chiron in 10th House:

An individual with an evolved Chiron in 10th House, in Capricorn, or in association with Saturn, however, would ideally seek reconciliation with the traditional symbols of power, respecting all that would wisely guide and rightfully admonish, including his or her own inner sovereignty. The voice of conscience would be quite loud with this placement, and thus such an individual would have a higher chance of developing a genuinely moral outlook that has not been fabricated by blindly following the commands of religion or culture.

With Chiron in association with the archetype of structure, one can truly understand the practical necessity of a “Guiding Star” that gives direction to one’s life and methodically helps one surpass the chaos of sentiments (i.e. the polarity point of Cancer or the Fourth House) to resolutely achieve what is beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Chiron in 11th House / Chiron in Aquarius / Chiron in aspect to Uranus:

There may exist a “rupture” in one’s capacity to transcend one’s own ego and feel connected to the collective. Alternatively, one may feel awkward belonging to the human race, and may thus develop a pitiful perspective on fellow human beings in general. With Chiron residing in the collective space of the Eleventh House, or in association with Aquarius or Uranus, one may feel uncomfortable being part of the human “tribe” and contribute to the welfare of others. Alternatively, one’s “listening” or “encouraging” capacity for what is said or performed by others (i.e. polarity point of the Fifth House or Leo) may have been compromised. In some cases, precisely, for this reason, the individual may develop an attraction towards those who are good “listeners” or genuinely support other people’s talents.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 11th House:

If Chiron is uncomfortable in the Eleventh House, in Aquarius, or in association with Uranus, one may indeed find it impossible to belong to anything larger than oneself. In this case, a rather static sense of self may develop, or quite the contrary, one may find it boring to be “someone” (i.e. polarity point of the Fifth House or Leo) and may feel attracted to the idea of being “nobody” [and thus being able to contain all the possibilities of the human race]. With Chiron in association with the Individuation Axis (Fifth/Eleventh), one may experience a life-long awkwardness to “individuate” and simultaneously operate within a collective context.

Evolution of Chiron in 11th House:

An evolved Chiron in the Eleventh House, in Aquarius, or in association with Uranus, however, knows how to “heal” the “collective” through “individual” merits: Tony Robbins, who has written numerous self-help books and whose seminars around the world are quite a spectacle to watch, has surely established his unique presence as a “healer” who touches the lives of many through directly getting involved in their personal history and also sharing his own “wounds” on stage. With Chiron in Aquarius in the Fifth House of his natal chart, he has been able to successfully integrate the opposite archetypes of Leo (Fifth House, or the Sun) and Aquarius (Eleventh House, or Uranus): the “individual” and the “collective” have become synthesized in his psyche.

In a rather similar manner, Chiron in the Eleventh House demands a transcendence of all polarities in favor of something “ideal” (i.e. the archetype of Aquarius / Uranus): in a perfectly designed world, “one” is for “all” and “all” is for “one”: one heals oneself through others and heals others through one’s own presence. It is, therefore, vital to be “somebody” (Leo) in order to be able to transcend that by free will and become “nobody” (Aquarius), and, paradoxically enough, precisely through getting involved in this seemingly self-annihilating process, one would indeed “individuate” in quite a unique manner.

Chiron in 12th House / Chiron in Pisces / Chiron in aspect to Neptune:

A simultaneous “rupture” and “yearning” may exist regarding one’s capacity to transcend one’s earthly limits, one’s doubts or fears, or spiritual or physical deformities. With Chiron in association with the archetype of transcendence an individual’s earthly experiences may be felt as incomplete, elusive, or lacking on some level, as there may exist an evolutionary or spiritual impetus to reconcile oneself with the “impossibility” of absolute “transcendence” or “perfection” as an Earthling.

A great example of a Neptunian / Chironic character whose yearning for transcendence mingled with pain and grief was universally known would be Ludwig van Beethoven. In his natal chart, Chiron in Pisces makes aspects to almost all planets, including Neptune. Throughout his entire life, Beethoven had a passion and yearning to make music that would go beyond what was known to be possible or widely appreciated at his time. In a Chironic twist, the faculty he was mostly dependent on, his hearing ability, began to decline in his late 20s. Throughout the last decade of his life, he had to make music without even having the chance of hearing his own composition. Paradoxically enough, his most beloved pieces that would lift the spirits of millions of people around the world were composed precisely during the time of his almost-complete deafness.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 12th House:

An uncomfortable Chiron in the Twelfth House, in Pisces, or in association with Neptune, would feel an unquenchable thirst for simply “escaping” the cruelty, viciousness, poverty, and ugliness implied in the human existence without necessarily understanding the “inescapability” of such phenomena as part of the human experience, and as precisely an opportunity to spiritually “transcend” by doing small, tangible things to help others, or to improve the practical conditions of human life on Earth (i.e. polarity point of the Sixth House).

Evolution of Chiron in 12th House:

An evolved Chiron in this space, however, may still feel an eternal longing for beauty and perfection, but also realizes that such longing is precisely what unites us all. Even the lowest forms of life do have an evolutionary urge to transcend, to become better, higher, and complete.

An individual with an evolved Chiron in association with Neptune, in Twelfth House, or in Pisces would yearn to “practically” get involved in this cosmic motion upward by transcending his or her own primal instincts of sticking to his or her tribe, country, culture, race, religion, gender or all other “separating” factors that would limit and polarize his or her experience of life. Such an individual would truly understand the awkwardness of not being a fully spiritual being and yet would manage to “act” as spiritually as possible within the context of this material existence, through all the material means within his or her reach, and by performing small tangible acts of kindness and compassion.

Ultimately, relinquishment of the lofty ideas of spiritual grandeur and a humble acceptance of what one can still do within one’s earthly limits would, paradoxically enough, provide one with a chance to truly “transcend” one’s mortal bounds and enter into a space of peace and perfection.

In the next post, I will address Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart.

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  1. 7h Chiron in Pisces here. Your writing here was just beautiful, so apt and so touching. Thank you,

  2. i literally still dont get chiron in 12th, as usual the 12th house articles are always more vague and less detailed, more metaphoric than all the other articles.

  3. I’ve got Chiron in the 10th, as I mentioned in another long comment somewhere around here. I’m really enjoying (with the moon in Gemini right now lol) the freedom to reply and exchange my thoughts on these comments today! Thank you again. My 10th house chiron… well. That’s a hard one to explain to be honest. I can tell you more about the events of my life than the nature of my feelings most of the time. 4th house issues are easy because they’re my life story as seen by a fly on the wall. This Chiron business is hard to wrap my head around just like my own feelings can be sometimes. I know that I tried to go to college so many times that failing didn’t seem an option, yet seems to be inevitable. Usually something outside myself either rocks my world to the point that I can’t ignore it and I get interrupted every time, or I can’t decide which life direction to ultimately shoot for so I get stuck in indecision. I started out in school really well, with an Honors high school diploma and a ton of extra-curricular activities to pad the college resume. You’d think my Chiron would have been in the 9th with the focus on university-level attainment and falling short on that specifically, wouldn’t you (maybe)? Well, I never had a problem in college, it was always just life itself that got in the way. I’m a pretty reliable autodidact when I feel like it. I’m good in college, but my traumas (from childhood) and indecision about the future have haunted me and followed me around until I’m stuck with no 4-year degree (but an A.A. from community college), student debt for three different majors and three different colleges, an unfinished certificate in filmmaking (3 credits away), and still no clear idea about what I want to major in. I never liked the idea of limiting my education. I would go to college for the rest of my life happily if I could afford it. I feel like I was meant to be someone like Noam Chomsky with multiple academic fields under his belt and free to make those connections that need to be made between disciplines. But I literally can’t financially afford to just play around like that. So I feel blocked because I have to choose (10th house is also Gemini, North Node is 9th house). I have a stellium in Sag, and another stellium in the 3rd house which includes Mercury in Scorpio. My Sun is also conjunct Uranus, in Sag. Everything in my chart leads to academic study, research, learning and understanding, but also being a mediator. The only thing that sucks is the blockage to reaching those goals. I don’t know if my 10th house Chiron is a blessing or a frustrating limitation. I still can’t figure out whether I should be doing all of the stuff I mentioned above, or maybe something entirely different and non-academic? Like owning my own restaurant and becoming a chef? My second house is Libra and my North Node’s sign is Taurus, so I feel like I’m supposed to make a living doing something vaguely related to Venus as well, which is where the chef thing comes into play. I enjoy international cuisines and consider cooking to be an art form, and have been spending a lot of time learning how to make things that are healthy but delicious, and have plans of one day trying to open my own restaurant. I wonder if this academic stuff just isn’t meant to be, or will I be wasting my life if I don’t ever try again? Agh indecision. In the meantime I have to work to earn a living, and get easily depressed when my employment isn’t suiting my needs mentally or is too overtaxing socially (I guess I’m an empath or a natural introvert or something like that, socially anxious however you want to play it). My Mercury is retrograde, too. Just throwing that out there because, why not I’ve already mentioned every other placement on the chart lol. I don’t spend a lot of time talking to others or journaling about all of this, maybe I’m supposed to. What I really need, maybe, is an astrology-based life coach lol. More than just a single session, I would guess. Or just a really long one. :/ I have more career ideas in my head than just these, and all of them seem like great suggestions. Which ones are doable, which ones are right for me, which ones would you say I was designed for? Which one does my Soul/God/Life want me to fulfill? Nothing makes sense, but I still work and toil on the ground so at least there’s some value in that for now.

    1. I enjoyed reading your feedback on my Chiron post. Thank you for sharing all this 🙂 Either case, I would be happy to be of service to you if you feel some astrological coaching and insight may help. Wish you all the best!

      1. I just read what you wrote about chiron in the 12th and my mind is blown! you’ve written out what I have been trying (and failing) to articulate for years. thank you for this!

        1. Thank you for your feedback, Emilie! I’m happy you feel inspired by what I have written 🙂

  4. Thankyou Tina for your last three “Chiron in the houses” posts. Great work and it feels as though it has been a long day for you. I have Chiron in the 11th and I have lways been one who works for groups, others and the collective since I have been very small. I have always felt a need to contribute my knowledge to others to help them on their path (I do have Chiron conjunct Sun conjunct Mercury) and I have done that by lecturing at university and community college and teaching at all school levels. I have also taught self-esteem and self assertion on all levels and I have a web site with 50 to 60 different articles that helpfully help people achieve holistic fulfillment. Lots and lots of people read them. I guess working with the collective means that if you help just one person they can help others and so on so we have exponential growth, like a population growth curve when you graph it.

    I also have a Masters Degree in counselling and have done that since 1983 to poor souls who are having a very bad time, especially children with substance abuse problems who come from very unhappy homes. I guess too my PhD on tying Indigenous Education in with spirituality is working with the collective. It is called “We’re the Ones You should be Listening To: Aboriginal Elders at…. … talk about community-school relationships.” It has become a text at many universities world wide on better relationships between community and schools in Indigenous ancestry. I have Indigenous ancestry on my maternal and paternal sides and I like to contribute to the wise one’s lives as they originally had are planet working beautifully before materially minded people intervened.

    I guess all astrology works on a spectrum, or a spectrum related vibration, just like the Nodes or any graph. That is how I see any planet operating. If people don’t have knowledge or haven’t had the benefit of great parenting, grand-parenting or mentoring they may life a bit hard. I like to show the ones who really believe that life is hard that there are other ways of thinking, acting, seeing. Bitterness is just an unhappy gallbladder/liver meridian and it can be fixed by the right yoga poses and better ways of treating your body, more productive ways of thinking, even better ways of breathing. Toxic thinking is often large intestine problems too with people who are constipated. Blocked colons can mean blocked and dirty, old, stuck thoughts. Unblock the meridian you unblock the unclean thinking and move right along. Teaching classes, even putting up poses on facebook, having a free website are all ways of helping the collective. Sometimes we have waves o planetary unhappiness and it is god to balance that with as much happiness and positive thinking as possible.

    I love Chiron and I see him as a bridge to other worlds, more holistic ways of thinking. I see him as a liminal being who can lead to other worlds. We all have a choice and that is what he teaches. We can hang in there in self-pity and not listen to others and make things hard for ourselves, but are we listening to our own inner voice? I like to listen to people stories and then when they are all done, all finished with the old story, that may be drowning everything else out, because it is stuck there in their heart playing continuously like Chiron’s poisoned foot. However, if we clean out the poison- yes, its possible to detox on all levels and start a new story, then we can begin a new path of joy on be on the path we really want to be. Some people just get stuck and can’t see a way out.
    And that is what I try to do; give choices. I guess I see the collective as a ripple effect: the domino effect; the 100th monkey syndrome. Throw some good stuff in the middle of the lake- pond/classroom/website/lecture room/book and sooner or later it filters into the collective unconscious. I just realized that my Libra Moon loves balance. Chiron did so much good for the world I like to balance that with his nine days of dying from the incurable Hydra poison. Phooey on that Hydra.

    I’ve said enough. Thankyou so much Tina for your great work. I missed the past lives you always put in. I’d like to put some past lives and ancestral lives into the Chiron book. I hope you have a great night relaxing because it feels like you put your heart and soul into creating a grand finale for Chiron.

    A big hug to you for this incredible effort to bring these wonderful free articles to the collective. Seeing I have so much Aquarius/11th house and Uranus I say, “Thankyou!” from the collective. If I was with you I’d give you a big bunch of yummy smelling flowers.

    Big, big good wishes,

    1. Dearest Hilary, your words are too beautiful and wise for me to be able to compose an adequate response to what you have sweetly written here as feedback to my last part of Chiron. Many, many thanks for existing, for being who you are and doing what you do. It’s a tremendous honor to be able to write with you and to learn from you. And many thanks for the “yummy smelling flowers”… I can smell them even from the distance.
      Sending you a big hug, and enjoy your day/night,

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