Chiron in the Birth Chart (Pt. 3: Houses 7, 8, 9)

Chiron in 7th House: male and female centaurs are kissing and playing.
Chiron in association with 7th House, Libra or Venus: “The Loves of the Centaurs” by Peter Paul Rubens (1635)

[This is a continuation of the previous post]. In this article I will address Chiron in 7th House, Chiron in Libra, or Chiron in aspect to Venus; Chiron in 8th House, Chiron in Scorpio, or Chiron in aspect to Pluto; and Chiron in 9th House, Chiron in Sagittarius, or Chiron in aspect to Jupiter:

Chiron in 7th House/ Chiron in Libra / Chiron in aspect to Venus:

The relation with the “other” may provide a unique chance to connect to the pitiful aspect of sharing the human experience: the tenderness, ephemerality, and the impossibility implied in the very notion of coexistence. With this placement, one often has to face the existential inevitability of affecting the “other” while simultaneously being affected by the “other.” The soul may feel that there is no “escape” from such a predicament: one cannot be unless in relation to the “other,” and yet one cannot be the “other.” With Chiron in the Seventh House, one usually perceives the presence of the “other” as a projection of “woundedness” of the self in particular, and “woundedness” of the world in general. The “other” may, in fact, become a mirror in which one can see the wounded parts of oneself, and towards which, one may thus feel irresistibly attracted.

If Chiron is close to the Descendant, the individual may encounter at least one particular person or event that would ultimately trigger a degree of “reflexivity” regarding his or her psychological blind spots (i.e. becoming conscious of one’s own wounds and thus becoming conscious of how those wounds shape one’s reality). The experience can range from initial hurting to eventual healing through relating and mirroring. Regardless of all the different details, the “other” (person or incident) would play a significant role in the psychological suppleness of the individual, and may even awaken a level of co-existential pity (i.e. a recognition of the impossibility and yet inevitability of co-existence) that one cannot possibly achieve on his or her own.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 7th House:

If Chiron in the 7th House is uncomfortable in Libra or in association with Venus, one may be perceived by others as wounded or pitiful, or alternatively, one may perceive others as such. In this case, the relationship vibe the individual may emit can attract “Chironic” types: those whose wounds are impossible to heal, or those who have a desire to heal the impossible wounds of others. Sometimes the wound itself may become a bonding agent that is unconsciously sustained by the individual in fear of losing the “other.”

Evolution of Chiron in 7th House:

If Chiron is evolved, one can eventually see the “other” as an agent of healing, regardless of all the possible hurt that might have been initially inflicted by the “other.”

If we are here to co-exist, we are bound to hurt each other. Yet, miraculously enough, we can equally heal each other by accepting the share we have in inflicting pain upon one another. There is no pain in isolation, and there is no pleasure in isolation. Pain and pleasure are both relative concepts that can be dealt with only in relation to the “other.” Even in our most private moments, the “other,” be it another human being, God, or a particular idea that is shaping in our head, is always there for us to relate to: with Chiron present in this sphere, we can truly experience the sheer pain and pleasure of relating as part of the glorious and pitiful condition of being human.

Chiron in 8th House / Chiron in Scorpio / Chiron in aspect to Pluto:

One may experience a degree of moral or psychological awkwardness, discomfort, or dilemma regarding one’s sexuality, safety, shared existence, or mutual resources with the “other.” With Chiron in association with Pluto, Scorpio, or the Eighth House, there may exist a disfiguration in the deepest layers of our instincts. Consequently, one may feel vulnerable in protecting oneself, the “other,” or in bonding with the “other” sexually, financially, or psychologically.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 8th House:

If Chiron is uncomfortable in this position, one may harbor a degree of psychological dread regarding intimacy. Alternatively, an undeniable desire for intimacy at whatever cost may exist, which unconsciously propels the individual to seek healing through sharing his or her body or resources in a rather compulsive manner. Often, both extremes can be experienced at the same time: an unfathomable fear of intimacy, and yet an inexplicable compulsion for it.

We usually tend to forget that true intimacy requires a rather complicated and counter-intuitive ability to trust the “other” enough to want to voluntarily lose control with him or her. In order to allow the “other” to “break” our psychic or sexual solitude, and to “infringe” upon what is uniquely and sacredly ours (i.e. Scorpio or the Eighth House), we have to temporarily turn off our basic survival instinct (i.e. the opposite polarity of Taurus or Second House) in favor of a more sophisticated urge to merge with the “other,” and thus to go beyond what can be merely experienced in aloneness.

With an uncomfortable Chiron in association with the archetype of union, therefore, the ability to temporarily “turn off” the instinctual “lights” of self-control and self-protection in order to commune with the “other” in “darkness” may have been compromised in the psyche of the individual: one may simply be unable to truly open up one’s psychosexual space and let the “other” in.

Evolution of Chiron in 8th House:

An individual with an evolved Chiron in association with Scorpio, Eighth House, or Pluto, however, may have a rather exquisite ability to touch and heal the “other” (and thus the “self”) through performing the very act he or she may unconsciously dread or find pitiful: spiritual, psychological or sexual nudity and communion. Regardless of all the various details, an evolved Chiron in this position often shows that the individual can instinctually identify how the “other” is wounded, and would also know how to soothe that wound.

Sex therapists, bereavement counselors, and those who work with rape or abuse victims may indeed have chosen a self-healing profession if they have Chiron in association with Scorpio, the Eighth House, or Pluto in their natal chart: through touching the scars of the “other,” one’s own injuries from this lifetime or the previous ones would gradually be soothed over time.

Chiron in 9th House / Chiron in Sagittarius / Chiron in aspect to Jupiter:

There may exist an awkwardness around the subjects of faith, spirituality, or wisdom. Alternatively, one may feel healed through an engagement with such subjects. When Chiron is in association with Jupiter, Sagittarius, or the Ninth House, the individual cannot normally operate on faith alone, or one can go to the extreme of relying too much on a theoretical framework that lends meaning to one’s existence, or morally, intellectually or religiously justifies one’s deeds.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 9th House:

An uncomfortable Chiron in this position may incline one to disregard personal responsibility of examining one’s life (“an unexamined life is not worth living,” as Socrates stated) and resort to an overtly intellectual form of rationalization that may, in fact, camouflage one’s true motives. Often, an individual feels distraught when he or she abandons an honest reflection upon his or her inner “laws” and searches for external validation instead. Religious principles or philosophical doctrines may justify one’s thoughts or behavior, yet can never liberate one’s soul from oneself: the ultimate spiritual act is to know oneself and to guide oneself based on this awareness.

Alternatively, an uncomfortable Chiron in the Ninth House or in association with Jupiter may simply show the impossibility of faith, as if the individual’s capacity for faith has been somehow compromised, either because of traumatic experiences or through erroneous conclusions.

The character Antonio Salieri as portrayed in the movie Amadeus (1984) would be an apt example: he is a devout Christian whose only joy is to make music for God. To his absolute dismay, he realizes that God, in fact, has bestowed much more talent to Mozart who barely respects religious rituals or moral codes of behavior. In a fit of rage, Salieri tosses his so-passionately loved crucifix to the fire and declares a war on God. Interestingly enough, the real-life Antonio Salieri had Chiron opposing Jupiter in his natal chart. With such a configuration, one may simply be unable to confess the limits of his or her existence, and may continue pushing in a direction that would eventually let the “end” justify the “means.”

Evolution of Chiron in 9th House:

An evolved Chiron in the Ninth House, in Sagittarius or in association with Jupiter would feel the depth of despair implied in the human condition and yet rejoice in the abundance of choice within all the limits of life, for precisely because of such limits the “right” decisions would require moral integrity and life would gain a higher meaning as such. In a limitless life, nothing would be “just” or “right” or “meaningful.” An individual with an evolved Chiron here would feel the inevitability of having a very personal and limited frame of reference, and yet precisely, for this reason, would respect his or her own inner moral codes, as well as those of others.

In the next post, I will address Chiron in Houses 10, 11, and 12 of the birth chart, and in association with the archetypes related to these Houses as well.

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  1. This has helped me tremendously,I have chiron in Capricorn in the 9th house and my father had an aloof nature about him,it seemed like his opinions weren’t heard by his friends and coworkers and also he is very prayerful and it seemed like we were unlucky as a family,it’s like watching your father not be perceived as intelligent and powerful and I internalised this,,,I have been searching and searching for something to find my beliefs that give me power and purpose in different belief systems and never felt enough,,I’m so grateful that I finally cried it all out and changed how I see my father and our relationship can improve

    1. Wow thank you for sharing this, Stephanie, and congratulations on your changed attitude towards your father. May your healing journey continue in the best possible way.

      1. As I have see the date of the origin of Chiron, would the person with this aspect(26 degrees Sag), have a tendency to do what the Centaur did to humans and give them the knowledge to heal themselves? It is on the Ascendant as well?

        1. I’m not sure if I understand your question, Melinda, but thank you for your feedback anyway.

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