Jupiter in Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Jupiter in Water Signs: Jupiter in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces
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[This is a continuation of the previous post.] In the following posts, I will address Jupiter in Signs, which in turn, will be followed by Jupiter in Houses and then Jupiter Aspects. Please keep in mind that these are some possible baseline interpretations, which may be radically altered by the presence of other factors in the chart. This particular post offers a basic explanation of Jupiter in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces:

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter as Expansion:

Jupiter in Cancer tends to symbolize an ideological approach to life formed based on all that can make one feelsecure. In this sense, one’s basic life philosophy may have been directly derived from or affected by one’s familial conditioning or ancestral lineage: if a certain religious or ideological trend runs in the family, the individual may very well adopt it without much intellectual probing. In other words, as long as a theoretical frame of reference makes one feel emotionally safe and comfortable, one can effortlessly operate within it.

As the energy of Cancer is connected with family, a comfortable Jupiter in this position may literally signal that we feel inspired by our family members or their presence makes us feel emotionally safe. Alternatively, we may simply feel morally supported by our family or homeland, knowing that our lifestyle, religion or ethics is approved by them. Living abroad or staying out of touch with our family members, therefore, may not feel quite right in this case.

If Jupiter is uncomfortable in this position, however, we may experience the opposite scenario: we may feel that our family somehow limits us or cuts our wings. We may even feel burdened by certain religious beliefs or ideological convictions of our family members. Our sense of “belonging” may also be tied to following family traditions or depicting loyalty to national or ancestral heritage. If we happen not to be comfortable with these ideologies or traditions, we may very well feel that we cannot emotionally ground ourselves or feel happy inside.

Jupiter as Meaning:

Jupiter in Cancer may signify that the best way of finding meaning in life is by allowing one’s heart to stay open to “grace”, rather than resorting to an ideological system which is simply derived from one’s comfort zone or familial bonds.

It may be valuable to contemplate why in traditional astrology Jupiter is considered to be “exalted” in the sign of Cancer. A logical conjecture may be related to the ideological “value” system dominating the traditional societies in the past (or even now in some parts of the world): one is to follow the religion or the worldview of one’s ancestors without questioning too much. In traditional societies, this is normally considered to be a “virtue” or an “ethical” act. On the other hand, to deviate from the ideology or religion handed down by one’s “motherland” or ancestral lineage is considered unethical and at times even taboo. As Jupiter in Cancer archetypally links one’s vision of life to one’s familiar surroundings, individuals with this placement should remain ultra-vigilant not to sacrifice the Jupiterian open-minded inquiry to the Cancerian emotional comfort.

With an uncomfortable Jupiter in Cancer, we may indeed have a difficult time maintaining philosophical or ideological “objectivity”. If in the course of life, we ever have an opportunity to investigate religious or philosophical systems different from ours, we may get anxious or start feeling on a “gut level” that we are doing something wrong. We may even feel that by deviating from the religion or ideology we were born into we are “betraying” our family or becoming “unfaithful” to our beloved ones. It is important to understand that the fiery Jupiter will not really feel comfortable in the waters of Cancer if not given a chance to investigate the “familiar” religious or ideological convictions we may have been carrying all our life. To allow this process to take place, with love and compassion towards ourselves, will guarantee that we will not fall into dogmatism out of comfort.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter as Expansion:

Jupiter in Scorpio tends to symbolize a personal and passionate philosophical approach to life, one that is based on intuition and instinct. As the energy of Scorpio is connected with the deep waters of the soul, Jupiter in this sign denotes that one’s philosophical convictions may, indeed, have been derived from one’s soul impressions or karmic path in life.

On a mundane level, Jupiter in Scorpio may also signal that one’s outlook on life can actually change as a result of soul-bonding with the “other”. If we are to be married to someone coming from a different religious or ideological background, for example, we may feel that converting to their religion or ideology would be a sure token of commitment. It is not uncommon, therefore, for people with this placement to adopt a new ideological system to prove their love and fidelity to their beloved one, or to be able to raise a family without much religious or ideological clash.

If Jupiter is uncomfortable in this case, however, we may feel insecure letting go of our religious or ideological convictions, and may even feel threatened by anyone coming from a different cultural, ideological or religious background. Modifying our worldview may take life-or-death dimensions, or we may somehow conclude that our survival depends on sticking to our religious beliefs or philosophical frame of reference.

Jupiter as Meaning:

Jupiter in Scorpio may signify that the best way of finding meaning in life is by keeping our soul open to “change” yet fully committing ourselves to the spiritual path we choose at any moment. In other words, what is required of us is keeping our heart in a simultaneous state of absolute suppleness and absolute fidelity: a difficult task to accomplish, yet one which will bring us an immense satisfaction.

As the energy of Scorpio is also associated with the “hidden” aspects of life, “meaning” may come to us through the most remote sources. Crisis can help us achieve wisdom, for example. The death of someone near and dear to us, alternatively, can open the door to spiritual perception, or we may understand the true meaning of our lives in a moment of sexual ecstasy. Tapping into the dark corners of our desires and dreams may also be a wonderful way of achieving wisdom in life.

An individual with an uncomfortable Jupiter in Scorpio may feel “scared” of his or her own wisdom, and may unconsciously stay in a state of ideological dogma not to ever truly grow. Alternatively, one may have very fixed “ideas” about one’s sexuality, spiritual path, or heart desires in life, and therefore may have a difficult time adjusting to oneself when natural changes occur as a result of inner growth. In this case, one may crusade against oneself, denying the truth of personal transformation and continuing one’s old habits which may no longer serve the soul. Individuals with this placement, therefore, have to stay vigilant about the possibility of undermining themselves spiritually or psychologically. Jupiter in Scorpio holds the key to hidden treasures which can easily be lost if we dwell in a “fear” of our own power and wisdom.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter as Expansion:

Jupiter in Pisces tends to symbolize an eclectic philosophical approach to life, one that may significantly shift and become more inclusive as one moves through different phases of life. With this placement, we are generally open at a heart level to expose ourselves to a variety of ideological or religious possibilities, as the energy of Pisces encourages an all-encompassing approach which is fundamentally in harmony with the expansive nature of Jupiter.

A comfortable Jupiter in Pisces, therefore, will guide us to the right spiritual teachers, the right type of synchronicities, the right type of dreams, and the right type of artistic inspiration. With this placement, one can achieve an unparalleled degree of spiritual wisdom without having to ever set foot in a school or conference: the key is to guard the holy “seeking” flame in one’s heart and to surrender one’s intellectual convictions to higher cravings of the soul.

An uncomfortable Jupiter in Pisces, on the other hand, may signal that “defining” a personal life philosophy or adhering to any ideological conviction may be difficult or undesirable for us. Therefore, we may feel spiritually “lost” or philosophically “disoriented” at times. We may even experience a degree of existential angst, which may be exacerbated by our intellectual underachievement or blocks in our spiritual path.

This placement also signals that the soul is highly idealistic and may be prone to disappointment. Sometimes there is a fork in the road: we may feel undecided between our heart and our mind, or we may simply be unsure how to proceed. With Jupiter in Pisces, the best course of action would be surrendering the issue to the Higher Wisdom and then remaining quietly vigilant to receive a signal.

Jupiter as Meaning:

Jupiter in Pisces may signify that the best way of finding meaning in life is through meditation and silence. As Jupiter feels relatively comfortable in the boundless waters of Pisces, the “meaning” of life can only be a breath away with this placement: just sit and listen*.

Alternatively, “meaning” can enter one’s sphere of existence through interdisciplinary studies. The more flexible one is with acquiring knowledge from all sources and teachers regardless of one’s particular religious or cultural background, the more easily one’s soul will open itself to higher wisdom.

As the last mutable sign in the circle of Zodiac, Pisces is associated with connecting all the cognitive dots that were originally gathered, organized and systematized through the energy of the previous mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. To see the invisible thread that ties all the seemingly unrelated systems of knowledge leads to true wisdom: a wisdom married to love, and therefore wiser than wisdom.

In the next post, I will address Jupiter in the First / Seventh House axis of the birth chart.


*As the Persian poet Rumi beautifully wrote:

Silence is the language of God, All else is poor translation.

If you are interested in understanding your own birth chart or if you have specific questions, you can book a consultation or take a class.

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