Jupiter in the 5th House / 11th House Axis

The Fifth House Jupiter and the Eleventh House Jupiter
Jupiter in the 5th/11th House Axis: “One Hundred Children in the Long Spring” by Su Hanchen

[This is a continuation of the previous post.] In the following posts, I will address Jupiter in Houses of the birth chart, which in turn, will be followed by Jupiter in Aspects. Please keep in mind that these are some possible baseline interpretations, which may be radically altered by the presence of other factors in the chart.  This particular post offers a basic explanation of the Fifth House Jupiter and the Eleventh House Jupiter in the birth chart: 

Jupiter in the Fifth House

With Jupiter placed in the Fifth House of the natal chart, the individual usually has access to a regenerative source of creativity, one that does not cease to inspire. There normally exists a child-like ability to enjoy the wonders of the present moment and bask in the sheer glory of existence (if other factors in the chart, of course, do not hint at the presence of a gloomy psychological disposition).  Alternatively, the individual may be able to connect very well with children, or to enjoy the presence of children (biological or otherwise) in his or her life.

The Fifth House of the birth chart is usually associated with our ability to love and appreciate ourselves (and others as an extension of us); therefore, Jupiter here can often bring a sense of “faith” in oneself, for better or for worse: depending on the overall energy of the chart and how well-integrated the Jupiterian function is in the psyche of the individual, one may develop a healthy self-appreciation and trust in whomever he or she is, or alternatively, one may expect too much of oneself or put too much faith in one’s own individual philosophy or worldview, possibly even to the point of becoming somewhat dumbfounded by one’s own intellectual grandeur or spiritual glory.

As the Fifth House of the natal chart is also associated with the “teen years,” or the stage during which a child becomes a young adult, the presence of Jupiter here may signal a significant ideological formation or shift in the worldview during this period of life. Alternatively, if Jupiter is stressed in this part of the chart, the individual may have experienced some form of extremity or disruption during the teen years, which could have affected his or her self-confidence or self-integrity as an adult later in life.

Faith & Folly of the Fifth House Jupiter:

Individuals with Jupiter in the Fifth House normally perceive life as filled with warmth and colors. They may display a high degree of wit or intellectual playfulness, or they may have a rather rare ability to be markedly amused by themselves. As the brilliant poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, who had this placement in his natal chart, aptly stated:

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Interestingly enough, quite a number of individuals with this placement have turned their talent or hobbies into creative and lucrative professions, as the energy of a well-integrated Jupiter in the Fifth House may very well translate to abundance coming from creative endeavors.

The internationally-famous horror writer, Stephen King, for example, has his natal Jupiter in the 5th House in the sign of Scorpio, and has turned his fascination with horror and crime (i.e. Scorpionic subject matters) into a profitable, creative hobby (the Fifth House).

If a Fifth-House Jupiter is not well-integrated in the psyche, however, the individual may display behaviors stemming from narcissism, inferiority complex or superiority complex. It is not uncommon for individuals with a challenged Jupiter in the Fifth House to expect too much of themselves, and thus fall into a vicious circle of narcissistic inferiority complex, or alternatively, to think of themselves as the absolute center of the universe.

In some cases, the individual may actually come across as both benevolent and malevolent, as the ideological aspect of Jupiter in the Fifth House may simultaneously encourage generosity of the spirit and narrow-minded selfishness. This is best illustrated in the case of the German physician Josef Mengele, who had a well-aspected Jupiter in the Fifth House of his natal chart (Jupiter in a Water Grand Trine with Neptune and Sun/Mercury). Having earned a PhD in anthropology, he performed quite a number of deadly human experiments on concentration camp prisoners as part of his scientific research. He has been quoted by a former Auschwitz prisoner:

He was capable of being so kind to the children, to have them become fond of him, to bring them sugar, to think of small details in their daily lives, and to do things we would genuinely admire … And then, next to that, … the crematoria smoke, and these children, tomorrow or in a half-hour, he is going to send them there. Well, that is where the anomaly lay.

Either case, it is important for the individuals with Jupiter in the Fifth House of their natal chart to stay vigilant regarding the possibility of moral grandeur or spiritual egotism: maintaining an objective view of one’s ideological or ethical limits, and using one’s intellect or abundance at the service of progress and happiness of all would be the ultimate evolutionary goal of Jupiter in the Fifth House.

A helpful mantra for individuals with Jupiter in the Fifth House would be:

 “Joy multiplies through me and goes to the universe to bless all.”

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

With Jupiter placed in the Eleventh House of the natal chart, one may tend to “dissociate” from Jupiterian themes, and thus may be able to better maintain a level of impartiality regarding moral, philosophical, religious or political convictions in oneself and others. Jupiter in this position symbolizes a proclivity to “observe” one’s ideological or spiritual mechanism rather than being “absorbed” by it. Individuals with this placement normally have a higher chance of exposing themselves to an ideological organization in order to conduct an unbiased investigation without losing themselves or falling into extremes in the process.

As the Eleventh House of the birth chart is also associated with the cutting energy of Uranus, an uncomfortable planet in this area may also point to a possible degree of unconscious trauma regarding the archetypal energy represented by that planet. In some cases, an uncomfortable Jupiter in the Eleventh House of the birth chart may hint at the possibility of prenatal or past life traumatic memories of lack, absence of hope, or restrictions in the regenerative function.

If Jupiter is comfortable here, however, the Jupiterian functions of faith and hope could be imprinted on the psyche of the individual early on during the prenatal phase as a result of the jovial mood of the mother or the supportive and generous vibes coming to her from the people in her life or her surroundings. Either case, Jupiter in the Eleventh House usually bestows upon the individual a rare ability to grasp the “system” behind the “system,” i.e. to understand the abstract codes involved in the creation of belief systems, religion, philosophy, politics, law or ethics.

Faith & Folly of the Eleventh House Jupiter:

An Eleventh House Jupiter in the natal chart may symbolize a spiritual aspiration for occupying oneself with the belief systems or political views of the collective, or even challenging any existing religious, ethnic or cultural dogmas with the aid of one’s special form of contribution (relative to the polarity point of the Fifth House). Since Jupiter here operates on a relatively grand scale, there is a higher chance for an individual with this placement to actually get involved in the collective ideology of a community, society or generation in order to defy or modify it, for better or for worse.

The Dutch-Jewish teenage writer Anne Frank, whose diary served as an international reminder of the horrors of Holocaust and profoundly triggered the emotions of the collective, had a crowded Eleventh House in her natal chart, which also included Jupiter in the last degree of Taurus, with its dispositor, Venus, comfortably located at the top of her chart (i.e. the Tenth House of legacy and public exposure), forming a Grand Trine with the social planet Saturn and the collective planet Neptune.

With an integrated Jupiter in the Eleventh House of the birth chart, one may simply have a talent for understanding the unwritten laws which govern societies and civilizations, including the fact that the collective mind may, at times, be resisting towards any spark of wisdom which is imparted by the individual mind, and thus an adjustment in attitude would be necessary here. As the Irish poet and playwright William Butler Yeats, who had this placement in his natal chart, succinctly stated:

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.

If Jupiter is not well-integrated in the psyche of the individual, however, he or she may feel alienated from the collective ideology, or may easily fall prey to any ideological system designed to move the masses in a certain direction without much regard for the individual lives per se.

Therefore, individuals with this placement in their natal charts have to stay conscious of the fact that the collective ideology may be wrong at times, and that the individual conscience, in fact, precedes the collective racial, cultural or political dogmas. The healthy conscience of a single human-being can override the biased ideology of multitudes who may have been dumbfounded by the glittery promises of a leader who disregards the holiness of human heart (relative to the polarity point of the Fifth House) and merely preaches adherence to an idealistic “system” which is, in fact, void of humanistic values.

The lesson here is thus reorienting oneself to the goodness of human heart, rather than focusing on any idealistic belief system which considers human-beings as mere clogs in a machine rather than the irreplaceable individuals they are. As Anne Frank, one of many unique individuals who lost their lives as a result of the collective ideology of their time, stated beautifully:

Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.

A helpful mantra for individuals with Jupiter in the Eleventh House would be:

“I believe in the goodness of human heart and the immeasurable value of every single life.”

In the next post, I will address Jupiter in the Sixth / Twelfth House axis of the birth chart.

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