Chiron in the Birth Chart (Pt. 1: Houses 1, 2, 3)

Chiron in 1st House, Chiron in 2nd House, Chiron in 3rd House
Chiron in the 3rd House: “Portrait of Picasso” by Juan Gris (1912)

[This is a continuation of the previous post]. In this article I will address Chiron in 1st House, Chiron in Aries, or Chiron in aspect to Mars; Chiron in 2nd House, Chiron in Taurus, or Chiron in aspect to Venus; and Chiron in 3rd House, Chiron in Gemini, or Chiron in aspect to Mercury:

Chiron in 1st House / Chiron in Aries / Chiron in aspect to Mars:

The soul has identified the very act of entry into the world as wounding on some level. A psychological registration might have taken place of the fact that one had to inadvertently inflict pain upon someone else (in this case, one’s mother) during the process of coming to physical existence.

If Chiron is close to the Ascendant, this psychological first impression may largely affect the individual’s perception of his or her own reality: that on some level, one cannot exist without unintentionally inflicting pain upon others. As a result, individuals with Chiron on the ascendant may become oversensitive to the notion of pain in general, especially in relation to the “other.” It is not uncommon for such individuals to elect a supportive role in life, lending help to others in need, or generally getting occupied in positions that would allow them to act with sensitivity towards others’ misfortunes.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 1st House:

If the 1st House Chiron is uncomfortable, the individual may feel an “existential nausea” from time to time, especially when encountering his or her own imperfections. With a challenged Chiron in the first House, the individual may also feel psychologically “impotent” in the face of making decisions or initiating any new venture. Occasionally, precisely because of such inescapable feelings, the individual may go to the opposite extreme and become impulsive in decision-making or starting new projects.

However, more often than not, other factors in the chart can modify such impulses, and the individual may simply feel fearful of hurting others as a result of decision-making or acting too autonomously. An unabashed meditation upon the nature of life as unavoidably hurtful regardless of what one may do can partially release one’s inhibition around acting with autonomy. Furthermore, as Chiron in this position represents an inter-active wound (a wound formed in relation to the “other”), helping others make decisions or take risks may indeed heal one’s own wound around such issues.

Evolution of Chiron in 1st House:

If Chiron is evolved in the First House, in Aries, or in contact with Mars, the individual can be pitiful towards his or her own imperfections, and can usually extend such a heartfelt pity to the “other” as well. Quite often, individuals with such a placement can genuinely feel attracted to imperfection in others (especially regarding physical appearance), as it would be quite refreshing to these souls to see a human manifestation of the imperfection they themselves may awkwardly feel inside.

Chiron in 2nd House / Chiron in Taurus / Chiron in aspect to Venus:

The soul has registered a degree of awkwardness when incarnating into a body with physical needs. The very notion of having to “condescend” into a physical form and carry this heavy mass of meat and bones around may feel repulsive to the soul. Such a psychological first impression of the nature of reincarnation may thus create a general discomposure in relation to taking care of all the dull and dirty necessities of earthly existence.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 2nd House:

If Chiron is uncomfortable here, the body itself may be registered as a cause of embarrassment. The individual may unconsciously carry a metaphoric self-flagellation in order to purify his or her body of “uncleanliness” through avoiding food or sex, or compulsively engaging in both if the psychological embarrassment is so unbearable that the individual has lost any hope of salvaging his or her body.

If Moon or Venus are also stressed in the chart, this particular Chiron placement can indicate that physical proximity with others (i.e. touching and kissing) may “nauseate” the soul to some degree, therefore the individual may tend to be physically aloof or not quite eager to sexually approach others, unless, of course, other aspects in the chart (such as a strong Mars) modify this indication.

Evolution of Chiron in 2nd House:

If Chiron is evolved in the Second House, in Taurus, or in contact with Venus, one can feel pity towards oneself and others precisely because of the physical nature of life: the very fact that people have to eat, engage in sex, go to the bathroom, earn a living or manage their money would make the individual feel more pitiful in general. In this case, the individual would feel “tied” to the “neediness” implicit in the human condition, and would thus moderate his or her own idealism regarding lofty intellectual or spiritual pursuits in life.

Alternatively, since the body or the material aspect of life is a sore point in the psyche of the individual, he or she may elect an occupation that would allow him or her to directly address body-related issues (eating disorders, weight loss, etc.) or money-related issues (debt consolidation, tax problems, etc.): by helping others connect to their body or wallet in a healthy fashion, one would gradually heal a wound that has been inflicted on one’s psyche as a result of the sheer physicality of existence.

Chiron in 3rd House / Chiron in Gemini / Chiron in aspect to Mercury:

The soul has been under the impression that connecting or intellectual rapport is inherently impossible. The soul might have felt “misunderstood” while attempting to express herself: the hopelessness of articulating one’s desires in the absence of language might have felt immediately wounding to the infant whose only means of communication is crying. Consequently, individuals with this placement may be quite sensitive about their ability to understand (i.e. their intellectual capacity) or their aptitude in enunciating what they think.

The Vulnerability of Chiron in 3rd House:

If Chiron is uncomfortable, the individual may have difficulty in expressing himself or herself, feel repulsed by those who do not know how to effectively use language, or feel quite angry at those who use foul language. Precisely for this reason (and despite the fact that Chiron in this position may inhibit spontaneous expression of ideas), many individuals with this placement are fluent in several languages and/or often insist on a poetic or polite manner of speaking or writing. In fact, quite a number of actors, writers, and poets do have this placement in their natal chart, which shows how Chiron (or any other heavy planet) may indeed work constructively if its presence is too pronounced in the psyche of the individual.

Alternatively, with Chiron in the Third House or in association with Mercury, a sibling, relative, or close friend might have been affected in his or her ability to learn, communicate, or move, and this has triggered in the psyche of the individual a plethora of pitiful moments, making him or her oversensitive about communicating and mobility issues in general.

Evolution of Chiron in 3rd House:

If Chiron is evolved in the Third House, in Gemini, or in contact with Mercury, the individual may feel quite attracted to situations that would involve helping others with their communicative abilities, school work, navigation, and generally enhancing any skills that would be handy in everyday life. Speech therapists, driving instructors, people catering to children with learning disabilities, and tutors of any type would be good examples of professions that would reflect the energy of an evolved Chiron in the Third House or in association with Gemini or Mercury.

In the next post, I will address Chiron in Houses 4, 5, and 6 of the birth chart, and in association with the archetypes related to these Houses as well.

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